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Marketing Online Degree - Going for Gold with an Online Marketing Degree

a marketing mug shot after the hat

Self-proclaimed silver-tongued marketers are ubiquitous. Every college graduate packing a B.A or B.S. in Marketing under his or her belt fervently believes he or she has the verbal Midas touch, and at the flick of a finger, sales will skyrocket, advertisements will astound and business will boom. Unfortunately, silver is the new bland standard. Marketing is a competitive field with lots to gain and lots to lose. How can a marketing online degree jump-start this path to success?

A Marketing Mug Shot

Let’s put aside the kaleidoscope and examine marketing with a naked eye. It is a profession in demand, as no business can survive without marketing and advertising acumen. Its projected annual growth is approximately 13% through 2018, several points higher than the national career average. Thus, many want to stick their finger in this pie.

Thousands of undergraduates delve into the working world every year sporting a marketing degree. EDU in Review claims that an MBA in Marketing is one of the most popular degrees in America.

In 2009, the median entrance salary was $43,325. Salaries tend to rise as careers progress; the median annual salary in 2008 was $77,000, well above starving-artist status.

However, like their romantically-afflicted brethren, marketing graduates work long and hard hours. Fifty or more hours a week is the de facto standard as rush jobs are quite routine. Marketing is a cut-throat career – so what type of weapon is an online marketing degree?

Practical Programs & Common Coursework

First things first: what are the necessary prerequisites for an online marketing degree?

Academic and extracurricular requisites vary depending on the caliber of online school. Diploma mills need little more than a signed waiver and a check. Accredited, well-established online schools and distance learning programs of worthwhile traditional schools usually require a minimum GPA and standardized test score along with basic completed high school coursework requirements or equivalent. However, these limitations are meant to weed out the lazy and ignorant more than to keep in the studious and smart.

An marketing degree online focuses on developing several areas of expertise: general business acumen, marketing knowledge, communication skills, creativity and leadership. Aspiring marketers will be taught how to sell a service and not only make it sound good, but rake in profits as well. But as many online degree programs tend to use a knowledge-based curriculum, communication and creativity instruction may be in short supply. Developing these traits and other worthwhile habits may be primarily left to the domain of the student. Employers want to see concrete proof of real-world success, not poofy philosophies without profit. Online marketing degree students should get some experience under their belts.

Marketing online degree classes may use several educational tools. Reading is a perennial favorite – for the instructors, at least – as are multiple-choice quizzes and proctored tests. Other venues include online text and/or video chat sessions, virtual classrooms and mail-in coursework.

After the Hat

The blue has been tossed, student loan interest is really starting to bite, and graduation has passed. How will the recipient of an online marketing degree fare in a world apart from computer keys and internet foul-ups?

Slowly but surely, accredited online educational institutions are subduing the stigma against online education. Due to the increased academic rigor of many online programs, more and more employers are accepting online degree programs, especially in knowledge-based areas. A 2000 Vault Study showed that 29% of marketing and media employers would accept an online marketing or media degree accept online marketing degree. A 2005 Eduventures’ Continuing and Professional Education study said that 80% of sampled employers looked favorably upon online education and did not consider it inferior to traditional instruction. And on it goes – battles are won, but the war continues.

The number of career fields for marketers is breathtaking. Financial manager, customer service representative, entrepreneur, sales representative, sales response manager, public relations advisor – the list is extensive. With the proper accredited education and go-getter attitude, the corporate sky is the limit for a starry-eyed marketer.

A marketing online degree from a respected institution is a smart choice. But that’s just silver – gold is gotten through ambition, determination – and 50 hour work weeks.

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