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Macon Homes For Sale - Best Deals on Macon Homes for Sale

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Interest rates of the present are at all time lows. Many people are taking advantage of this opportunity by purchasing a new home. Not only are interest rates at historical lows, but housing markets across the country are feeling the crunch of suspended mortgage lending. With both interest rates and house prices down, there could be no better time than the present to purchase a new home. Many people are turning to traditionally sought after markets such as Macon Georgia for their new home. Macon Georgia has long since been a growing area in the state of Georgia, and there are some great deals to be had in the area. Although Macon was not hit as hard as some areas across the United States, there are short sales and foreclosures that will eventually yield big bucks for those smart enough to find these great deals. For families, there is no better time than the present to upgrade your current situation from your small cramped house or apartment to the home of your dreams.

Economical Three Bedroom Homes
For the average family, a three bedroom home may be just the ticket. Even houses that have two adults and three children can be relatively comfortable although two siblings may have to share a room. There are many homes in the area around Macon Georgia that fit this description. For instance, a home on the outskirts of the city limits in a more suburbanized area can be had for less than $150,000. Buford Street may have just what the new home buyer is looking for with a three bedroom, two bath home that has the potential for up to four bedrooms. This home is listed at the unbelievable price of just $99,000. The home features a large back yard for the kids and pets to play. Two bathrooms that have the potential to be upgraded and add value to the home, and a kitchen that can easily accommodate two cooks at one time. The neighborhood is a quiet residential setting with homes ranging anywhere from $80 – $200,000. With homes in such a large price range, one can make some minor renovations and watch their home equity grow.

Town Homes and Condos
Recent college graduates that have landed their first job may not be looking for a home with a lot of upkeep and renovations. For this reason, there are a number of town homes and condos in the area of Macon Georgia for those who don’t want to worry about yard work and upgrades. Town homes in the Macon Georgia area can range anywhere from $75,000 in lower end areas to $300,000 in the more affluent neighborhoods. Moderately priced town homes can be found in the High Point Road North area such as a two bedroom, two bathroom town home that is reasonably priced at $112,000. This particular town home adds a bit of style with practical components. The kitchen has plenty of storage for all kinds of appliances and utensils while the entire town home has plantation shutters for added privacy with a touch of elegance. Potential buyers will also be thrilled to know that with the purchase of this town home, the current sellers are willing to pay the first year’s home owners fees for the new residents. Also, town home owners will share a nice social area where they can enjoy sheltered picnic tables and other amenities.

Luxury Homes
Homes with style and grace are known throughout the state of Georgia and Macon is no exception. The area around Macon Georgia has many homes that exhibit a sense of style that only certain people may appreciate. For these people, there are homes that boast the finest Italian tile and exotic hardwoods throughout as well as granite counter tops in both kitchen and bathrooms. For those looking for luxury homes, there are a number of real estate agents in the Macon area that specialize in these particular types of homes. A simple search of luxury homes in Macon Georgia will yield a number of agents more than happy to assist you with your search for the home of our dreams.

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