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University Of Utah Credit Union - The Premier Credit Union for Students of the University of Utah

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The University of Utah is an institution of higher learning located in Salt Lake City, Utah in the southwestern United States. It is in fact the oldest university in the state and was established in 1850 as the University of Deseret. It was renamed the University of Utah in 1900 only four years before Utah gained statehood.

Today, this university is attended by a very large population of students including over 21,500 undergraduates and over 6,600 postgraduates. The campus of the school is also quite large and takes up a total of over 1,500 of space. It also has an easy to find location since it is only two miles from the downtown part of Salt Lake City.

Students travel from all over the world to attend this school for its excellent academic programs. Many of these students come for the architecture and medical programs at the university. In fact, they are the only such programs in the state. Other popular degree programs include ones in accounting, business, computer science, chemistry, earth science, education, engineering, and sociology.

Students who come to the University of Utah will need many things. This includes housing and a meal plan. It also includes a bank account for different expenses a student may incur while at the university. Perhaps the best University of Utah credit union is University Federal Credit Union.

The University Federal Credit Union is a financial institution that provides lending for people through out the Salt Lake City area. The credit union has 15 physical branches. They can be found in Salt Lake County cities such as Salt Lake City, Bountiful, Draper, West Jordan, Riverton, and Sandy.

However, this bank isn’t known as a University of Utah credit union for nothing. One of the physical Salt Lake City branches is only a short walk down the street from the campus of the university. However, more importantly, three more branches are actually located on campus.

This includes a branch in the university’s Annex building. This University Federal Credit Union branch’s offices are open from nine to five on weekdays. It also includes another very convenient location inside the university’s bookstore. This location is also open from nine to five. However, it also includes an ATM machine for students’ convenience. Like wise, the bank also has a location inside the university’s Health Sciences building. With in this building are three ATM machines from the bank. They are located in the cafeteria, U of U Hospital, and in the Moran Eye Center.

All these locations are extremely convenient for students who attend the school. This is part of the reason why this bank is considered the premier University of Utah credit union. However, all the services the bank offers that are designed to meet the needs of college students also adds to this reputation.

For example, the bank specializes in student loans. With the rising cost of a college education, many students need to take out loans to pay for expenses related to tuition, housing, and more. Thankfully, receiving a loan from this University of Utah credit union is quite easy. Applying for the loan only requires finishing a simple three step program. The steps a student has to follow include becoming a credit union member, completing a FAFSA application, and contacting the university’s financial aid department.

The bank also offers several different kinds of loan programs that vary depending on the situation a student is in. For example, Sally Mae Smart Loans are offered to students who have more expenses than what can be covered by regular federal loans. Graduate students also have different options for paying for their studies including the relatively new Pay Go loan.

The bank also offers a very popular refer a friend program. If you enter the program, you can receive ten dollars in rewards for each person you get to sign up for a University Federal Credit Union account. If you have a lot of friends, family, or dorm mates, this can develop into a lucrative proposition.

There are of course many other banks that are used by students of the University of Utah. However, the most popular University of Utah credit union by far is the University Federal Credit Union.

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