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Little Tikes Playcenter - Purchasing a Little Tikes Play Center

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One of the most important aspects of a healthy child is to attain a certain level of physical activity everyday. In the United States, childhood obesity is one of the leading causes of health problems for young children. However, all research shows that healthy children get at least one to one and one-half hours of exercise per day. Little Tikes Play Centers help children attain that amount of exercise by providing and enjoyable play set to give children hours of playtime per day. The Little Tikes Play centers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and allow the buyer to purchase different options with different sets. Some of the Little Tikes Play Centers are modeled for different ages although many sets can include fun options for almost every age group. For families that have children in different age groups, the Little Tikes Play Centers are the best option for activities such as swings, climbing, and slides. Prices for the Little Tikes Play Centers can vary in range although most of those people who have purchased one of the play sets will tell others that it was worth every penny.

Play Set Construction
While many other play sets on the market are made of either metal or wood that will eventually warp, rust, or both, the Little Tikes Play Centers are constructed of high quality plastic that will last a lifetime. The play set is also said to be splinter and burr free and is assembled in a fraction of the time that it may take other play sets. The Little Tikes Play Center comes with a set of anchoring spikes to ensure that the set does not move as well as a ground platform sandbox that also keeps the swing set in place.

The Little Tikes Play Center comes equipped with a spacious platform and fort for all kinds of children’s games. Getting up to the fort may involve either climbing the ladder or the ever challenging climbing net, which will help children build strong muscles and increase their coordination. The most fun part of getting down from the fort comes in the shape of an extra long wavy slide, which children of all ages will enjoy. When the climbing has been done, there are two swings and a glider to play on. A great aspect of the Little Tikes Play Center is that one can change out the types of swings that are on their particular playground set. For instance, for children who are too young to swing him or herself, an infant swing can be placed on the play set for mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters to help entertain the new family member. When children get older and their motor skills increase, the infant swing can be replaced with swings that older children can use. Physical activity is one of the most important aspects of childhood and will help increase coordination, motor skills, and help children maintain a healthy weight. The Little Tikes Play Center will help almost any child attain these life goals with relative ease.

There are a wide range of prices available for those looking to purchase a Little Tikes Play Center. For instance, Little Tikes often run specials on their products or sometimes offer rebates after purchase. However, other stores that carry the Little Tikes Play Center may also offer their own discounts. For those looking to potentially purchase a Little Tikes Play Center, he or she should look in both department stores and online for the best price. One should expect to pay somewhere around $1000 – $1200 for a full Little Tikes Play Center although there are numerous options available. At times, the Little Tikes company may offer free add-ons such as a free wavy slide or a double sandbox attachment when one purchase a full set. A little research on what Little Tikes Play Centers have to offer will yield great results for finding the best price when looking to purchase a Little Tikes Play Center.

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