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Bedroom Chest Of Drawers - Keeping Your Bedroom Chest of Drawers Organized

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The sad fact of the matter is, the chest of drawers in most people’s bedrooms is extremely disorganized. This is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is a fairly easy trap to fall into. Whether your bedroom chest of drawers comes equipped with five drawers or seven, or if it has a single or a double top drawer, a chest of drawers can easily start to eat up your clothing, not to mention a great deal of the utensils around the house. Thankfully, there are things that you can do in order to prevent this from happening. No matter how new or old your chest is, or how disorganized you think it has to be, you can get it organized. It is important to clean out all of the drawers in order to improve the usability of your chest. Of course, it takes a lot less time to say than it does to get the work done. Still, there are a few things that you can do in order to keep the drawers from getting cluttered up again in the future, and stocked up with the things that you really need at hand.

It is not uncommon for a bedroom chest of drawers to end up virtually overflowing with clothing. For most people, if an article of clothing does not need to be hung up in the closet, it almost inevitably ends up getting stuffed in the drawer (if it doesn’t end up sitting on the floor, that is.) This can create a mess that is difficult to navigate rather quickly. The good news is, there are a few simple tricks that you can use to remove all of that clutter in a relatively short period of time.

Make a schedule. About once every three months, it is a good idea to go through your chest in order to straighten it out. When the time comes, empty all of the clothing out of your drawers. Ask yourself if you are actually using all of the clothing in the drawers. If not, ask yourself if that is because you don’t want to wear it, or if it is because the clothing has been buried in there for so long that you forgot all about it. If you haven’t been wearing it because you don’t want to, odds are it is obstructing everything else and slowing you down every day when you decide what you are going to wear.

Pull everything out of your chest that you have not been wearing on a regular basis. Clear out all of the excess. By doing this, you will ensure that every article of clothing you pull out of your drawers is something that you will want to wear. It is surprising how much of a time saver this can actually end up being every morning. Not only that, is is very satisfying to know that everything in your drawers is something you would actually like to wear.

The next thing to consider before you start putting the clothing back into the drawers is how you would like it to be organized. The articles of clothing that you plan on using the most should be located in the drawers that are the easiest to get a hold of. In other words, the clothes you wear everyday should be located at about shoulder or chest level. If you have to get on the tip of your toes or bend over uncomfortably in order to reach a drawer, it should be filled with clothing that you don’t wear very often, but that still needs to be kept neat and tidy.

If you are a member of a couple, it is a good idea to have a chest of drawers with at least one double top drawer. This makes it easy to keep the clothing divided up while still having it located in an area that has easy access. If you do have a divider in your chest, make sure to take advantage of it so that nobody has to search through the drawers just to find that their clothes have been mixed in with each other to the point that they have become almost indistinguishable.

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