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Loire Valley Hotels - The Top Loire Valley Hotels - Hotel Le Blason, Le Pavillon des Lys, Novotel Amboise

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The Loire Valley is a popular vacation destination not only for tourists, but for those close to the region, as well. It is located slightly northwest of central France along the Loire River including the cities of Tours in the west and Orleans in the east. It has been called both the Garden of France and the Cradle of the French Language. It is known for its beautiful natural countryside and the centuries-old chateaus/castles that were built while the region was withheld for nobility. Today, there are no restrictions on who may visit, and there are plenty of Loire Valley hotels for anyone who doesn’t own their own chateau. King Louis XII started the trend of nobility building “chateaux d’agrement” (pleasure castles) in the area in the beginning of the 15th century. By the mid 16th century, there were over 300. The most famous is Chambord, built by Francois I.

Although many of the chateaus were destroyed during the French Revolution and many others gutted for military use during WWII, there are many that have survived. Some are privately owned and have been made into Loire Valley hotels. Others are government-owned at operated as historical sites. One of the best cities in which to find Loire Valley hotels is Amboise. It is centrally-located and many top Loire Valley hotels can be found there, including the following:

Hotel Le Blason

11 Place Richelieu – 37400 Amboise, France
Phone: +33-2-4723-2241
Fax: +33-2-4757-5618

Le Blason is located in the center of Amboise, less than 1,000 feet from Leonardo da Vinci’s house and the Royal Castle. This chateau hotel was originally built in 1490 as a boarding school for girls. Later, it was turned into a laundry, and then the personal home of a local blacksmith. Each of the 25 comfortable rooms has a bathroom with shower, telephone, and TV, but only the top floor is air conditioned. There is free internet access in the lobby. Le Blason is known for its simple, fresh continental breakfasts served in the dining room. For dinner, the hotel restaurant, Restaurant L’Alliance features three menus each with appetizers, main dishes, and deserts. Rooms choices include single rooms, small double rooms, regular double/twin rooms, triple rooms, and quad rooms. Rates start at 44 Euros ($62USD) per night.

Le Pavillon des Lys

9 Rue d’Orange – 37400 Amboise, France
Phone: +33-2-4730-0101
Fax: +33-2-4730-0190

Le Pavillon is a luxury hotel known for its comfortable contemporary furnishings, the terrace overlooking the park, and the exotic cuisine at the onsite restaurant. The garden-like setting hotle setting is comprised of only seven rooms, making it one of the quainter of the luxury hotels in the area. Amenities include air conditioning, king beds, LCD TVs, free Wi-Fi internet, and 24-hour room service. The restaurant opens each evening during the week and at noon on the weekend. The restaurant serves cuisine that is described as exotic, light, and ecological. Rates start at 98 Euros ($137USD) per night.

Novotel Amboise

17 Rue Des Sablonnieres – 37400 Amboise, France
Phone: +33-2-4757-4207
Fax: +33-2-4730-4076

The Novotel Ambiose is unique in Amboise, as it is a modern hotel and not a chateau-turned-hotel. It has 121 air-conditioned rooms overlooking Amboise from the top of a hill. This hotel is often used for business travelers and for leisure travelers who prefer to stay in a modern building. The hotel features a landscaped park, swimming pool, tennis courts, and miniature golf. Hotel employees speak several languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic. The hotel restaurant, Cote Jardin, serves French cuisine nightly and drinks can be had at Le Troubadour. Room choices include the standard room, superior room, or the family room. Rates start at 105 Euros ($147USD) per night.

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