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Best Adware Remover - The Best Adware Remover Tools

computer spyware system malware

While most people are aware of computer viruses and the need to protect their computers and private data from them, many people don’t realize that there is a whole other category of threat that you have to worry about. As a group, programs that are considered harmful if they get installed or run on your computer system is called malware. Viruses are only one type of malware. Another form of malware is known as spyware. A subcategory of spyware that can be difficult to detect is adware. Luckily, finding the best adware remover is not as difficult as finding the adware itself.

Spyware is defined as an software program that gathers information stored on your computer or based on the actions you perform on your computer. The more malicious forms of spyware can record every key you hit on your keyboard, thus providing critical information such as usernames, passwords, or even credit card numbers. This doesn’t mean that more innocuous forms of spyware, such as adware, are not also harmful.

Adware is a form of spyware that was created by the marketing and advertising industry. Despite their claims that it is not harmful, it is virtually indistinguishable from other types of spyware. Like other spyware, the basic function of adware is to track the activity on your computer and send the results to someone else.

The purported function of adware is to track your surfing and shopping habits so the information can be used to fine-tune marketing campaigns, sometimes directing specific ads to your computer. Some of the information that is collected includes products bought, websites visited, email addresses used, and specific times of activity. Once the information is collected through the adware program, it is either analyzed or sold to third-parties. The analysis is then used to direct specific ads to your computer at times when you are the most susceptible to them.

Besides tempting you into purchasing unnecessary products, adware can also overrun your computer system, downgrading its performance and taking up your Internet bandwidth. Problems include extreme slowing, total system crashes, and conflicts with other legitimate programs. Some people who have never cleaned the adware from their computer find it almost unusable before they take action.

The solution to this problem is to either stop adware before it is installed on your system, or to periodically scan your computer for adware and remove it. There are many applications designed to perform this function, but not all do it equally well. Here are the best adware remover tools on the market now:

Lavasoft Ad-Aware
Ad-Aware has long been considered the best adware remover available. It was also one of the first to specifically target this type of threat. It can scan your system with a full scan or quick scan, give you the threat level of adware found, and provide a recommended course of action. Ad-Aware is available in a free version a pro version for $14.95. The pro version allows for scheduling and real-time protection to stop adware from installing in the first place, instead of removing it only after the fact.

Spybot Search & Destroy
Spybot has long been directly on the heels of Ad-Aware, and many people prefer Spybot to its rival. Experts, however, agree that both should be run in conjunction, one after the other. Unlike anti-virus programs, it is safe to run several together. This application can remove all types of spyware, not only adware, and it gives users the ability to permanently block many types of adware. Spybot Search & Destroy is available for download online completely free.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
This is a newer product, but it has been applauded for its quick scanning, thorough detection, and complete cleaning. Malwarebytes’ product not only detects adware, but all types of malware, making it more useful than a dedicated adware remover, but unlike many multi-function applications, it does not sacrifice quality. Features include full system scans, daily updates, and several support utilities. The free version is adequate for most users, but the paid version for $24.95 provides real-time protection and scheduling.

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