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Flatbed Photo Scanners - The Top-Selling Flatbed Photo Scanners

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If you love photography and photographs, you no doubt have albums full of pictures of family, friends, exotic locations, and important events. While enjoys holding a real photo in their hands or using them for display, they are not the most efficient way of sharing them or keeping them safe from damage. For this purpose flatbed photo scanners can be used to turn regular prints into digital photos.

Digital photos created with flatbed photo scanners are not the best way to scan photos, but they are more than sufficient for home use and digital archiving of your photo collection. Regular print photos are susceptible to all sorts of events that can cause you to lose those photos forever. Whether it is regular weathering and sun damage, fire, theft, spills, floods, rips, tears, or whatever, paper photos are just not reliable for storage.

Flatbed photo scanners are inexpensive and easy to operate. The digital images they produce are not as high-quality as standard photo scanners, but the quality is perfect for every situation except in creating poster-sized reproductions. Flatbed photo scanners are also advantageous because they are durable and not as delicate as photo scanners that can cost thousands of dollars.

In order to find the best flatbed photo scanners, it is important to read reviews and compare specifications. When you read scanner reviews, it is important to read a variety that include both consumer reviews and professional reviews. Professional reviews are usually more thorough than consumer reviews, but consumers spend more time with the scanners, and so they get more exposure to faults or problems that develop over time.

When comparing specifications, here are some important factors to consider:

  • Overall size
  • Bed size
  • Resolution (DPI)
  • Color bit depth

Although these may not be the best scanners available, here are the some of the top-selling scanners as reported by online electronics stores:

Canon CanoScan Flatbed Scanner
This is a basic flatbed scanner that is popular because of its price of less than $65. The software that comes with this scanner has several features for photo retouching, including image enhancement, automatic dust and scratch correction, anti-fade, and grain and backlighting correction. Maximum resolution is 2400 × 4800 dpi and color-depth is 48-bit. Maximum scan size is 8.5” x 11.7”.

HP Scanjet Flatbed Photo Scanner
This scanner from HP is made especially for scanning photos as opposed to scanning documents. It has a maximum resolution of 4800 × 9600 dpi and a color-depth of 48-bits. It has a maximum scan size of 8.5” x 11.7”. It comes with an adapter for scanning 35mm slides or negatives, and it can enlarge photos by up to 2400% with adjustments in 1% increments. The HP Photosmart software can restore faded colors, remove scratches, and remove red-eye. It is also categorized with entry-level photo scanners and is priced at $109.99.

Epson – Perfection V600 Flatbed Photo Scanner
This is a top-of-the-line model of flatbed photo scanners. It scans without warm-up due to using new LED lighting technology. The V600 comes with a built-in transparency holder for 35mm negatives or mounted slides. It features a resolution of 6400 × 9600 dpi and 48-bit color depth with 16-bit grayscale. Epson’s Digital Ice film and photo restoration software is the best in the industry for optimizing photos and making them look like new. It also includes software for Adobe Photoshop Elements for photo editing. This scanner sells for $199.99.

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