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Telemarketing From Home - Tips for Landing Telemarketing from Home Jobs

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In today’s economy desperate people are taking desperate measures in looking for jobs and are forced to move outside their usual pattern of job-searching. Others looking for jobs are limited by their health, small children, pregnancy, or other factors that makes working outside the home impractical. This has made work from home jobs appealing, even though most legitimate jobs such as this have a low pay rate. One industry that has expanded into the work-at-home market is telemarketing.

Telemarketing from home has become very practical in recent years as computer systems have become more powerful allowing for communications of high quality. Most people already have the technology, whether it be computer communications or a standard phone line, to begin a telemarketing from home job.

Telemarketing from home jobs can pay on straight commission or they can pay an hourly rate plus commission. Working hourly usually pays $7 to $9 and with a commission on top of that, it can equal a meager living, or even more if you are an exceptional and persuasive communicator. Here are some tips in finding and landing a job in telemarketing from home:

1. Watch out for scams – Like all work-at-home jobs, there are many telemarketing from home job scams. These are usually easy to spot. Avoid any job offers with unrealistic pay. No telemarketing from home job is going to pay you $500 for working only a few hours during the day. Another obvious sign of a scam company is if they require you to pay a startup fee. However, this doesn’t mean that a little startup money won’t be necessary to make sure you have the right equipment, but this money is never paid directly to the company.

2. Have a resume ready – You won’t get far without a resume. Since you will never meet your company personnel in person, job applications are rare unless they are in an online form version. Even so, most companies will ask for a resume. Your resume should be professional and accentuate your communications skills and sales experience.

3. Conduct a job search – If possible, look in your local job market. Even though it is not necessary, some telemarketing from home companies prefer locals. Once you have exhausted your local resources, continue on to regional or national job listings. You will discover that there are two types of companies offering jobs for telemarketing at home: internet-based companies and traditional companies with telecommuting positions. Traditional companies are often the better choice and tend to be more stable than companies solely based on the internet.

4. Research prospective employers – Never accept a telemarketing from home position without first doing your research. A good starting point is checking to see if the company is listed with the Better Business Bureau. This will give you an idea of what to expect in your employment and what to expect in the products or services you will be selling. Checking job forums is also a great way to get information about a company from those who have worked or are currently working with them.

5. Prepare for the interview – Interviews for telemarketing at home jobs will usually involve a conversation by phone after you have submitted your resume, application, or other supporting documentation. You should prepare yourself by working on your voice presentation. Your interviewer will be evaluating you more on your tone, clarity, and attitude more than the actual answers to the interview questions.

6. Repeat the process immediately – Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket or think that after one application or interview you are done with your search. Telemarketing from home jobs are notorious for providing only part-time work. Ideally, you should be working for at least two companies to make a sustainable living. If it turns out that you have taken on more work than you can handle, you have the option of dropping the company that pays the least, or the one that you like the least for one reason or another.

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