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Little Tikes House - Buying a Little Tikes House for Children

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Since time immemorial, little children have loved to emulate their parents by playing house. This can easily be done completely with the imagination, but children often get bored without toys to help their imaginations along. One of the most popular toys to help children in their fascination with adult life is a Little Tikes house. For play, a Little Tikes house will provide your youngsters with hours upon hours of fun, and they are so durable that they will often last until your children have grown out of playing house.

Little Tikes was founded in 1970 in by entrepreneur Tom Murdough in Aurora, Ohio. The primarily products of the company are molded plastic interactive toys that include playground equipment, rideable toy vehicles, home furnishings, and toys for home role-playing. From the beginning, the Little Tikes house for children has been one of the anchors of the company, along with the red and yellow Cozy Coupe car. The company was so successful it was bought out by Rubbermaid in 1984, keeping Murdough on as president and GM. Today, Little Tikes is owned by MGA Entertainment and employs over 500 people in their Hudson, Ohio factory.

There are currently a total of fifteen Little Tikes house play-sets made by the company. The molded plastic structures are made for toddlers and small children, and they can be used either indoors or outdoors. Although the company makes a different style of Little Tikes house for boys and girls, it is the models made for both that remain the most popular. According to sales figures by online retailers, here are the three best-selling Little Tikes playhouses:

Home & Garden Playhouse
The Home & Garden Playhouse is the most popular Little Tikes house. It has an open design that features waist-high walls, and four corner posts holding up the roof. It also includes a white picket fence and a mailbox with a working flag. Children love this set because they can put it together themselves like a big puzzle. The house features a kitchenette with a play stove that has turning and clicking knobs. For outdoor use, the set comes with a tool bench and a sand and water play area. The planters can also be used to grow actual flowers. This set has a list price of $159.99.

Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse
This is perhaps the most innovative Little Tikes house. It has more enclosed design but still uses half doors and has multiple windows on each side. The theme of this Little Tikes house is buildings found “around town.” Each outer wall represents a different type of building:

  • Schoolhouse – This wall also doubles as a firehouse. It has a mail slot, chalkboard, and a molded alphabet.
  • Sports Wall – The sports wall comes with a ball, a basketball hoop, and a soccer net. It also comes with targets that can be used with six included game ideas.
  • Grocery Store – The grocery store wall also doubles as a bank. It has a drive-up window, shutters, shelves, and a play ATM.
  • Gas Station – This wall has a phone, play gas pump, and a crawl tunnel.
    This playhouse lists for $349.99.

Picnic on the Patio Playhouse
This Little Tykes house is perfect for outdoors in the summer. It is a cottage house that features a kitchenette with play stove and cupboards. It has a more closed design, but still features the half-door and windows on all sides. It comes with a patio table that is connected to one window for outdoor-indoor interaction. Other features include a fireplace, mail slot, and battery-powered door bell with six sounds. What makes this house special is that it comes with a large 19-piece accessory kit with play tableware, food, and even a play phone. This Little Tikes house has a list price of $329.99.

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