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Flower Mound Homes For Sale - Choosing Flower Mound Homes for Sale

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Flower Mound is a mid-sized city that occupies portions of both Denton and Tarrant Counties. It has a population of 68,337 and is rapidly growing. The city is considered a suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth, but it is about 30 miles from the center of both cities. The city is situated on the north shore of Grapevine Lake. The city’s name was derived from the 12.5 acre mound covered in wildflowers. It is thought to be a 19th Century Wichita Indian burial ground, but no evidence exists to prove the theory. Although Native Americans have occupied the area for over 6,000 years, European settlers did not arrive until 1840. Through the years, the town remained sparsely inhabited. It was officially incorporated in 1961, and in 1970, the population was only 1,685. By the end of the 1980s, the city had grown to 15,000, and in the 1990s, growth began to really take off, reaching a rate of 13% each year. In 2000, the city was ranked as the ninth-fastest growing city in the country. Today, Flower Mound is known as an upbeat, upscale suburban community with plenty of outdoor recreation. Even after growing so large, the city still refuses to call itself such, instead preferring the more quaint designation of town.

There are a total of 16,179 households in the town occupying 16,883 total housing units, at last count. The market lists 700 to 900 Flower Mound homes for sale at any given time. The median price of existing Flower Mound homes for sale is just over $300,000. New home construction is a continuous operation in the city, and new homes are selling for a median price of $390,000. Despite the 2006 U.S. housing crises, Flower Mound is one of the few markets to have proven immune, with housing prices having continued to steadily rise for the past 10 years. The foreclosure market is slim in Flower Mound with an average of 170 listings. Flower Mound homes for sale due to foreclosure are significantly less expensive at a median price of $231,000.

There is little racial diversity in the population of Flower Mound. 90% of residents are listed as white, followed by 3% African-American, and 3% Asian. The Hispanic population, including mixed races, is at 5%. Of all households, 81% consist of married couples, while only 12% are non-families. Residents in the city are primarily young professionals with children. 40% are between the ages of 25 and 44, and only 21% are aged 45 and up. 4% are 18 to 24, and 35% are under 18. The median household income for the town is $105,812, well above the national average.

Most new residents that bought Flower Mound homes for sale commute to the business districts of Dallas or Fort Worth. The local economy is all but void, with the school district and local government being the largest employers. Many people also work in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport nearby. Big box retailers have recognized the potential in Flower Mound and have opened in town. Such businesses include Best Buy, Home Depot, and Stacy’s Furniture. Most retail shopping, however, is still done on the south side of the lake in Grapevine. Even so, there are 960 businesses in operation in town with 75% of employees being town residents.

Ground transportation has been managed well in the city and is a boon to those looking at Flower Mound homes for sale. The town is situated directly between I-35W and I-35E, about 5 miles away on both sides. New road improvements have made traffic much more bearable, locally. The International Parkway is the primary north/south route connecting the town to both Dallas and Fort Worth, although U.S. 377 to the west is viable alternative. The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is just south of town, only 4 miles down the International Parkway.

Most of those who buy Flower Mound homes for sale will be served by the Lewisville Independent School District. Some homebuyers will find they are in either the Argyle ISD or the Northwest ISD. There are two high schools in the town, and several private schools serve the town, as well.

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