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Picture Of Solar System - The Best Sites for a Picture of the Solar System - HubbleSite, National Geographic, TheHomeGalaxy

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There are many different sites that offer a free picture of the solar system, but not all of them are as great as the ones listed here. Some sites have very fake drawings of the solar system, while others bring pictures of the solar system to life in full color with real images. Here are some of the best sites we found that have a real picture of the solar system which captures various planets from different angles. All of these sites are free to use, so start exploring.


HubbleSite comes directly from the Space Telescope Science Institute, which studies the images taken by the Hubble Telescope. Most of the true pictures of the solar system were actually taken by the Hubble, which is a giant space telescope that is floating around above our heads. The gallery at HubbleSite offers various features like wallpaper for your computer screen and even an astronomy print shop, which allows users to print their own Hubble pictures at the same quality level as what museums have. There are also lots of explanations which talk about what you are seeing and tell why the colors show up the way they do, in addition to a movie theater that is full of video clips which make it possible to explore the solar system from your home computer. Users can even print out their own wall murals or artwork if they so desire.

National Geographic

Another place to find an amazing picture of the solar system is at National Geographic. Most people know that they have been exploring the world for many years, but they have also been reaching into the stars as well. Some of these images are computer generated using real photos. One of the most eye-catching images offered here is the solar system montage, which basically involved taking images of all eight of the planets and putting them together in one picture of the solar system. Users of this site can get the wallpaper version and explore the stars, although there are not quite as many features on National Geographic as there are on the Hubble because this site has such a broad reach in terms of other topics.


Finally we come to a site that was created by artist and author Kevin W. Kelley. He has been searching for answers about our existence for many years, and his site is dedicated to images of Earth and space. The site features various photo galleries based on Earth, our moon, the entire solar system, Hubble and other galaxies, and the most popular images. Users can also check out some of the projects Kelley has published, including several best-selling books that have a lot of full-color pictures of the solar system. This site does not have a way to download or print images at home, but users can purchase prints and other gifts like clothing, tapestries, and DVDs that are full of pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

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