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Stainless Steel Coffee Makers - The Best Stainless Steel Coffee Makers - Traditional Stainless Steel Coffee Makers, Carafe-style coffee makers

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When it comes to shopping for stainless steel coffee makers, there are many different ones to choose from. There are also two different styles to choose from. Some stainless steel coffee makers are the standard appliances that you think of in the kitchen. Others look more like a carafe, except that they brew the coffee right inside of them. This second type tends to be a lot fancier, and it is perfect for meetings or more upscale settings. Let’s take a look at some of the best stainless steel coffee makers on the market.

Traditional Stainless Steel Coffee Makers

One standard stainless steel coffee maker that gets good reviews is the Cuisinart CHW-12. This programmable coffee maker also heats up water for soup, tea, and cocoa. It has a goldtone filter which removes impurities. There is a self-clean feature, and it can be programmed for a full 24 hours. It also keeps the coffee warm with settings that include high, medium, and low. Consumers who like to fill their own travel mug will also enjoy the removable drip tray, which leaves space to fill them. It holds 12 cups of coffee. This coffee maker retails for right around $100.

For about half the price, the Hamilton Beach 44601 voice-activated coffee maker also makes about 12 cups. Just press the button and tell it what time you want the coffee to start brewing. Other than the voice-activation feature, it does not have a lot of the other features that the Cuisinart does, but it does have a water window so you can easily tell when it is full. There is also an automatic pause and serve function.

Carafe-style coffee makers

Anyone who is looking for a carafe-style coffee maker should check out the Presto 12 cup stainless steel coffee maker. This model has the classic hotel look, so it is perfect for functions where you need a nicer carafe. The fact that it also brews the coffee is a welcome bonus as well. It can brew 4 to 12 cups of coffee at a rate of one cup per minute. There is a signal light that shows when the coffee is ready. Also the cord detaches to make serving coffee directly from the carafe very easy. People who have purchased this particular coffee maker say it makes great cups of coffee, but they do remind others to clean the filter basket with a brush and to make sure that your fresh ground coffee is ground to the percolator setting so that you don’t get a mouth of coffee grinds. This coffee maker sells for right around $45.

Another good choice in a carafe-style coffee maker is the Farberware Millenium percolator. This coffee maker offers a more modern look that the Presto model, and it sells for about the same price. However, this coffee maker can only make two to four cups of coffee. It is perfect for offices where you are making coffee just for yourself and one guest. The cord also detaches so that serving from it is very easy.

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