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Distance Bachelor Degree - The Best Places to Earn a Distance Bachelor Degree - Business or Office Administration Majors, Health Care Majors, Criminal Justice

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A distance bachelor degree is making it much easier for anyone to get a college degree, no matter what their work schedule looks like. Online classes allow students to study in their own time and complete the coursework at their own pace. Students can also take classes without ever setting foot in a classroom. The only problem with earning a distance bachelor degree is the fact that there are so many colleges that offer them. This can make it difficult to sort out the good ones from the bad. Here’s a look at three of the most common areas of study and some of the best schools that offer a distance bachelor degree in those areas.

Business or Office Administration Majors

By far, the most popular field for online degrees is the business or office field. The market is jammed with schools that offer a distance bachelor degree in this field, but there are a few that do stand out above the rest. The University of Phoenix is a great school because it offers a lot of different specialties. Also it is a private university, which means it does cost a bit more, but it also means that most employers recognize that the coursework is a bit more challenging than at other schools. Another good choice for a distance bachelor degree in the business or office field is Colorado Technical University. This school actually started with one campus, and now it has expanded to offer online courses to people all over the world.

Health Care Majors

Another very popular field of study for a distance bachelor degree is health care. This field is a bit more difficult because many of these schools offer only one health care program, like nursing or medical assisting. Walden University and Keiser University are probably the two top schools for this area. They offer nurses the chance to advance to RN, or registered nurse, status. Also Kaplan University does a really good job of having some more general health care courses of study, in addition to some very specific ones like public health or nutrition science.

Criminal Justice

Another area of study that really lends itself to online study is criminal justice. There are almost as many online schools that offer criminal justice as there are that offer business related fields. The two schools that probably have the best online programs are Walden University and Capella University. These schools have some very general programs or some very specialized ones. Students can choose from areas like law enforcement, forensics, homeland security, or social work. Students should keep in mind that the criminal justice field is very broad, so they might even be able to find another online school that has a very specialized program for what they are interested in. It would be impossible to list all of the schools with these specialized programs because often they are isolated. For example, a school with a good medical program often also has a solid forensics program.

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