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Online Video Rentals - The Best Sites for Online Video Rentals - Netflix, Blockbuster, iTunes

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The battle over online video rentals is currently in full swing, and a handful of companies are duking it out for first place. It still remains to be seen which of the sites that offer online video rentals will end up the winner of this major battle, but in the meantime, it sure is fun for consumers to save money and try to figure out which one will win. Here are three of the best sites for online video rentals, based on consumer reviews.


Currently Netflix still seems to be the top pick for online video rentals. The company invented the industry ten years ago, and it does not show any sign of slowing down. Netflix currently offers a 30-day free trial and free streaming movies. In most cases, customers receive their DVDs in the mail within one or two days, although online streaming is instantly. The plans are currently priced at $9 per month for one DVD at a time with a two per month limit, $14 per month for two DVDs at a time with no limit, and $17 per month for three DVDs at a time with no limit. Netflix does also offer free movie streaming to subscribers of all three levels, although the selection of movies that can be streamed is still growing.


Blockbuster has been doing what it can to compete with Netflix, like offering a two-week free trial and the ability to exchange DVDs in stores. Unfortunately Netflix is still beating out Blockbuster in popularity, enough so that the company is actually in the process of closing more stores. The pricing plans with Blockbuster are quite a bit more complicated, especially for customers who still happen to have a Blockbuster store in their community. Prices range from $4 per month for plans that only offer DVDs by mail without in store exchanges, up to $35 per month that involves three DVDs out at a time with unlimited in store exchanges.


A third site that offers online video rentals is iTunes, and this company has sort of sneaked right into this part of the industry. Of course many people already use iTunes for music, so it is only a matter of time before they regularly use it for online video rentals also. This site is also very different than the first two because it does not involve the mailing of any DVDs. All of these online video rentals are actually streaming movies, which is certainly the future of movie rentals. The only bad thing about iTunes is that some of the online video rentals are rather expensive. It can cost $4 just to rent one movie and stream it on your iTunes account. However, these movies offer complete HD quality, which is a definite bonus when you consider all of the high quality television sets that are out there right now. Also this service does not require monthly membership fees. Instead it is a pay as you go solution.

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