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Master Massage Table - Shopping for a Master Massage Table

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If you are a new student of massage, you are probably new to massage equipment. One fact about massage equipment that you will be fast to learn is that the Master massage table is the most respected brand on the market. When you are giving a professional-quality massage, you will want to use a professional-quality table to make the experience the best it can be not only for you, but for your client, also.

Master massage tables are made by MHP International. The company makes their tables available for sale in a variety of ways. They can be purchased from retail massage supply stores, through mail-order catalogs, from online retailers, or direct from the factory. Factory-direct specials will usually afford you the best deals, but sometimes an online retailer will surprise with an extremely low everyday price. This goes to prove that when shopping for a Master massage table, it pays to look around before committing to a purchase.

Master massage tables are considered the top tables available by licensed massage therapists. They are also the best-selling, with a worldwide distribution network. MHP likens their products to others that are considered at the top of the industry, such as Rolex, Sony, and Mercedes.

Comfort and safety are the hallmarks of a Master massage table. The brand incorporates several features that make them superior to the competition. Some of these features include the following:

  • Legs – A Master massage table has authentic hardwood legs sealed with Duraseal coating. Leg brace pads provide stability and dampen noise from movement. The foot-pads are made of no-slip rubber that will not slide nor mark up the floor. Legs are attached to the table via a block that supports two opposite sides of the legs, instead of being attached by a single bolt on one side.
  • Frame – The frame uses dovetail corner joints that are double fastened with both screws and glue.
  • Foam – Foam is honestly measured (usually at 2 inches) and always of the highest quality, which includes being non-flammable.
  • Upholstery – While other brands use PVC upholstery, the Master massage table uses PU material with reinforced backing. PU is superior to PVC because it does not give off toxic fumes when it is new, and contact with oil will not cause it to harden and crack.
  • Hinges – The hinges on a Master massage table are 40% thicker than the next leading brand. The wrap-around design makes the hinge stronger while bearing weight.
  • Knobs – The molded knobs feature an ergonomic design that makes them easy to turn. They use deep-set brass fittings to prevent wear.
  • Carrying Accessories – Master massage tables come with several accessories to make porting your table safe and simple. Carrying cases use only authentic Samsonite hardware. The canvas-like material used for the case is both water and oil resistant. The shoulder-strap is also wide and heavily padded.

Master massage tables are available in 24 different models. Some models are made for functionality, while other models are professional spa-quality. The suggested retail price of their starter table is only $199.99, but can often be found for under $150. This is the Breeze Package that weighs only 26 lbs but supports 750 lbs. It has a face cradle and comes free accessories.

The most expensive Master massage table is a stationary table 32 inches in length that is built to hold up under the most strenuous therapy applications.

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