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Lucca Italy Hotels - The Top Lucca, Italy Hotels - Hotel Ilaria e Residenza dellAlba, Hotel Palazzo Alexander, Hotel San Marco

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Lucca is a city in the northern Tuscany region of Italy. It has a population of 84,323 and is the capital of the province of the same name. This ancient city is known for its history, which began in 180 BC as a Roman colony. Lucca contains a lot of the architecture from its glory days in the Gothic Era and its Renaissance-period city walls are still intact, although modern Lucca has grown outside them.

Lucca, Italy hotels are both modern and old at the same time. Unlike some other Tuscany cities, Lucca is popular for its old world charm with easy access. The international airport is only 20 minutes away and the attached rail station brings visitors directly into the city. Some of the popular attractions in Lucca include the old city walls, a Roman amphitheater, Torre Guinigi (the tree tower), Torre delle Ore, and Fuono di San Martino (14th century cathedral). The Via Fillungo is the main avenue in the city, and it is lined with unique shops and restaurants.

There are not a lot of Lucca, Italy hotels available in the city. Modern cities have many more, but the hotels are modern and very accommodating without losing any of the qualities that makes the city and its architecture famous. According to consumer reviews, these are the top three hotels in Lucca, Italy:

Hotel Ilaria e Residenza dellAlba

Via del Fosso 26, 55100, Lucca, Italy
Phone: +39-0583-47615
Fax: +39-0583-991961

The Hotel Ilaria is located in the center of the city, inside the old city walls and overlooking a park. The giant plane tree under which the hotel sits accentuates the architecture, making this hotel authentically Lucchese. Walking into the hotel, you could never guess this hotel was originally the stables of the Villa Bottini. It now has its own private garage. The hotel annex is actually inside a 14th century church. The rooms in this hotel are exquisitely decorated in color themes. The suites are two levels, with a sitting area and bathroom on the ground and the bedroom and a second bathroom on the second floor. Rates start at $125 US for the first night. Second night discounts and many other discounts are available.

Hotel Palazzo Alexander

Via Santa Giustina 48, 55100, Lucca, Italy
Phone: +39-0583-583571
Fax: +39-0583-583610

The Hotel Palazzo Alexander is another exquisite hotel, the likes of which can only be found in Lucca, Italy. The hotel was originally built in the 12th century but spent many years as a boarding school for girls. The building was fully renovated in 2000 as a fully-functional, modern hotel without disturbing the outer structure. Hotel décor makes use of fine marble in the lobby, common rooms, and bathroom, while the rest is antique wood. The primary color patterns are decidedly pastel. The hotel features complimentary wireless internet in the lobby, and a buffet breakfast is provided each morning. Rooms all have whirlpool baths, air conditioning, and satellite TV. Nightly rates for single rooms start at $98 US.

Hotel San Marco

Via San Marco 368, 55100, Lucca, Italy
Phone: +39-0583-495010
Fax: +39-0583-490513

The Hotel San Marco is one of the newer Lucca, Italy hotels. It is located just outside the old city walls. It first opened in 1992, and the furnishings were completely replaced in 2010. The design and décor is more modern than many of the other Lucca hotels, and the bright colors are festive, yet easy on the eyes. Rooms are thoroughly cleaned to be allergen free and come with the following amenities: air conditioning, satellite TV, high speed internet, and mini-bar. Even though the hotel is contemporary, each room is unique and decorated with graphic artworks. Nightly rates start at $150 US in the winter and $133 US in the summer.

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