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Arts Degree Online - Benefits of an Arts Degree Online

time students pursuing classes

The years of economic recession in the United States has seen an influx of new students, some going to college for the first time and many others furthering their degree to make themselves more viable in the workplace. While a great deal of these new students are seeking vocational or business degrees, arts degree programs have proven to be just as popular. In years past, the endeavor of going back to school for people working full-time would be a herculean task that most people simply didn’t have the time or energy to complete. Today, going back to school is much easier due to the innovations in distance learning.

Receiving an arts degree online once had negative connotations that could prompt snickering behind your back and outright job rejections due to your gullibility of believing your diploma was authentic. Now, getting your arts degree online from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning is commonplace and the education provided is of the same high quality that you would receive from a traditional campus with classroom instruction.

Those who are thinking about pursuing their arts degree online should be aware that there are several advantages to doing so, but there are also a few disadvantages that will have to be prepared for and reasoned through. Here are some of the benefits of pursuing an arts degree online:

  • Cost – Although the cost of the actual classes and registration is about the same, there are several areas in which afford you cost-savings. For one, there are no transportation requirements to get to and from classes. You will also need no special living expenses above or beyond your current situation. If you have kids, you won’t have the cost of daycare or babysitting.
  • Time – Again, pursuing an arts degree online will not save you any time on classes. Your classes and class work will take just as much time. The time savings, like cost, is in the activities required to get to and from class, which is not only commuting, but can including traversing a large campus and busy hallways.
  • Flexibility – No matter how many class offerings a traditional college offers, most people still cannot make even a half-time schedule to fit in their work and family life. An arts degree online allows you to work at a time during the day, or in some cases, the week, that is most convenient for you. This means you can go into it at 100% while not having to ask your boss for time off or make your family wait for dinner.
  • Bonding – Although it is little talked about, online classes have shown to produce a greater bonding experience with other students and with the instructor. Many students, who are otherwise too shy to participate in classrooms, find themselves participating in online classes because they are more comfortable. Students also find that their instructors are more approachable through email or other means of electronic communications.

These benefits can be enough for you to finalize a decision about pursuing an arts degree online, but you should be aware of a couple of disadvantages:

  • Many students find the coursework to be more difficult than classroom coursework. There is a difference in how you go about completing and delivering the work. Also, help or clarification may not be immediately available.
  • Pursuing an arts degree online requires a great deal of self-motivation. Without the peer pressure of a classroom or a rigorously scheduled class time, many students find it very easy to blow off their class work because there is still time. The excuse to do it later can go too far until you are drastically behind and can’t seem to catch up again.

If you don’t know exactly what you want to study, you can rest assured that there are many choices available to those who are pursuing an arts degree online. You can opt to seek a general Liberal Arts degree, or you can study something more specific. Top choices include the following:

  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Media
  • Political Science
  • Music
  • Fine Art
  • History
  • Psychology
  • English
  • Communications
  • Sociology
  • Fashion
  • Design
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