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Round Table Linens - Specialty Round Table Linens for Round Kitchen Tables

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The kitchen table is one of the major focal points of most every home. There are many styles of kitchen table that suit different tastes and different décor, but one of the most popular has recently become the round kitchen table. Round kitchen tables have several benefits, but they also have special needs. It is not enough to simply buy the table. If this is your first round table, you will also need to buy round table linens.

Once you have taken the time to find the perfect size round table, you will need to match it up with the perfect size of round table linens. Some pieces of round table linens will work with any size table, but if you are buying it as a set, you will want to make notice. The size of the table will also determine how many place settings you will need.

Another factor that is important in determining the right set of linens is the material the table is made from. Different hardwoods will go with different colors of linens. A round marble table will clash with certain patterns, and round metal tables, while rare in a kitchen setting, will require yet different styles and colors.

Sets of round table linens can come various types. Some sets will have several different types of linens, and they will come with different numbers of place settings. The number of setting is usually an even number from 4 to 12. If the size of your table demands a number of settings that is not available, some stores allow you to customize the quantity of each piece in the set. Here are some of the choices you will have when putting together a set of round table linens:

Tablecloths – Surprisingly, some sets of round table linens do not include a tablecloth. However, not all round tables and styles of décor will demand a tablecloth. You will want the tablecloth to extend about four inches down the edge of the table. This means the diameter of the cloth should be eight inches more than the table.

Table Runners – Runners that are included in a set of round table linens are not your typical runner. Instead of being long and rectangular, they are square. You don’t often think of a runner as being a square, but these work well with round tables. They fit in the center of the table, but they do not extend far enough so as to interfere with the place settings.

Placemats – You can certainly use standard rectangular place settings on a round table, but in all reality, they are not very aesthetically pleasing. When using standard placemats, it can easily be seen that something is “off.” A good set of round table linens will include placemats that have been specifically designed for round tables. They are wedge-shaped, having a wide, curved outer edge that tapers at the inward end. Again, the size of your table is very important. The curve of the placemats should approximate the curve of the table.

Napkins – Napkins included in sets of round table linens are no different than any other napkin. They are usually square and have sides 20 inches long. Something you can do for your napkins that works well with round tables is to use wide napkin rings. If you can get them in the same material and design as your table, they will look splendidly. This should not limit your choice in napkin rings. Other choices can also look very elegant, depending on the color and pattern of your round table linens.

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