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General Electric Microwave Oven - Buying a General Electric Microwave Oven

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If you are remodeling your kitchen, or you are just in the market for a new microwave, it is difficult to go wrong with a General Electric microwave oven. Not only are General Electric microwave ovens at the forefront of technology, they come in a range of styles to meet the needs and tastes of everyone.

General Electric, of course, is the legendary electronic and media company first formed in 1892 when inventor Thomas Edison’s company by the name of Edison General Electric merged with the patent clearinghouse Thomson-Houston Company. GE was one of the original Dow Jones companies and made a fortune with the municipal installation of electric lights and in playing a part in the creation of the first power grids. Later, GE became an early computer heavyweight, one of the seven companies following IBM. Today, GE is still known for its technical and electronic innovations, as well as for its home appliances. GE kitchen appliances are used in hundreds of thousands of kitchens. They offer both budget and luxury appliances, with General Electric microwave ovens being one of their top-selling categories.

New General Electric microwave ovens use several news types of technology to heat and cook food efficiently without destroying its taste or texture. Here are some of the new innovations you will find is a General Electric microwave oven:
Dual Distribution System – This technology uses 1100 watts to generate microwaves that are then distributed via dual microwave stirrers. One stirrer is in the top of the oven, and the second is on the side. Combined with a rotating turntable, your food is heated more evenly than with any other oven.
Microwave Sensors – These built-in sensors detect moisture levels so you do not have to guess how long to cook your vegetables or meats. The sensors will automatically set both the time and the power for you.
Top Browning – Because microwaves cannot cook for crunchiness, General Electric microwaves have a top heating element so your foods cook internally with microwaves, while the outside is crisped and browned with radiant heat.
Microwave Grilling – Some General Electric microwaves are equipped with powerful 1200 watt heating elements so they double as a grill. These are some of the only microwaves that can cook perfect burgers, grilled chicken, and pork.

General Electric microwave ovens come in three different styles, depending on where they are to be placed for use. Different kitchen styles and budgets will require different types of microwaves:

  • Over-the-Range – Over-the-range models are led by the GE Spacemaker series of microwave oven. The conveniently fit under the cabinets above the range and come with a venting system built-in to replace your range hood. Other features include multi-defrosting options, preprogrammed recipes, easy-set control dials, and curved form-factor with a designer brick-red interior.
  • Built-in – Bulit-in General Electric microwaves come in 27-inch and 30-inch styles to be mounted directly in your cabinetry. They operate as four-in-one units, operating as a microwave, warming/proofing oven, speed-cooker, and European convection oven. They come in stainless steel, black, and white, and instead of the traditional side-hinged door, they have a bottom-hinged door that pulls down like a standard oven door.
  • Countertop – The countertop General Electric microwave is the style that came first and continues to be the most popular. With no installation required, these are the easiest to set-up. Just plug it in and turn it on. They range in size from 0.7 to 2.0 cubic feet and come in the three standard colors: black, white, and stainless steel.
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