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Ge Microwave Ovens - GE Microwave Ovens: The GE Microwave Convection Oven

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Many have come to think of microwave ovens as old technology that has found its niche in being able to reheat pre-cooked meals, pop popcorn, and help defrost frozen foods without having any other useful benefits. For most microwave owners, this is true, but technology has not been sitting idle in the microwave oven industry. GE microwave ovens feature new technologies that have revitalized the industry and made the microwave oven the foremost cooking appliance in the kitchen. Among the most innovative of products is the GE microwave convection oven, commonly misspelled as the GE microwave convecion oven.

GE is one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances today. General Electric was founded in 1890 by renowned inventor and businessman Thomas Edison. The company was incorporated two years later after a major merger that brought many new patents into their inventory of those held by Edison. GE was one of the first companies to sell electric generators for industrial and municipal use. They were also among the first computer manufacturers in the 1960s, along with IBM. Their innovations continue today in efforts to bring out new green technologies that uphold current standards of living without negative effects on the environment. However, none of GE’s products are more popular than their kitchen appliances, including GE microwave ovens.

The GE microwave convection oven is a new appliance that combines the best features of a microwave oven and a convection oven to create a totally unique kitchen cooking appliance that can take the place of a traditional oven. To understand a GE microwave convection oven, you must first understand convection ovens, a topic with which many Americans are not familiar.

There are two types of ovens that use electric heat: traditional radiant-heat ovens and convection ovens. Radiant heat ovens are the type you are familiar with. They have heating elements that transfer heat to the food by radiating it out through the existing air in the oven. Convection ovens, more popular in commercial kitchens and European homes, use a similar type of heating element, but it adds a fan that circulates the heat evenly throughout the oven.

GE microwave ovens reached an evolutionary step with the invention of the GE microwave convection oven. It is both types of oven in one unit. This gives the oven the advantages of being able to bake foods quickly without compromising their taste or texture. Baked foods can come out of the oven hot, browned, and crispy, as they should be. Both of the features can be also be used in tandem to cook foods directly from frozen. The oven cycles through microwaves and convection heating to cook your foods quickly and efficiently without you having to intervene.

While many manufacturers have a series of microwave convection ovens, GE microwave convection ovens feature technology not used by the others. This technology includes the following:

  • One-touch cooking controls –One-button controls combined with an easy-to-read LCD display make controlling the oven fast and simple.
  • Convenient Dial Selector – While dials were phased out with many manufacturers, GE has found that a quick dial control combined with the LCD display, make choosing your time and temperature settings easier than with button controls alone.
  • Sensor Controls – Sensors in the GE microwave convection oven automatically adjust your time and power settings depending on the moisture of your food. This reduces overcooking so you have a perfect dish every time.

GE microwave ovens are available in three general types: wall ovens, over-the-range ovens, and countertop ovens.

Wall ovens are the most expensive. They are up to 30 inches in size and have a range of features beyond the other types, and they fit directly in your cabinet space. They are priced from $1549 to $2499.

Over-the-range ovens are slightly smaller than the wall ovens, and they include fans so you can totally replace your range hood with the GE microwave convection oven. These models sell for only $479 to $549.

Countertop models are those that we have come to know and love for microwaves, except they now can include convection oven technology. They range in price from $509 to $559.

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