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Ktm Motorcycle Parts - Buying KTM Motorcycle Parts

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Being a motorcycle enthusiast in the United States often leads people to believe that you are a Harley Davidson enthusiast. While the odds of this assumption are in their favor, not all motorcyclists are into Harleys. If it’s not Harleys, the next assumption is that you are into Japanese bikes. Among the last guesses they may have is that you are a European import motorcycle enthusiast. Although they are not as common, there is a large niche of people into bikes such as those made by KTM. KTM bikes can be difficult to find in the U.S., but even more difficult than the bikes is finding KTM motorcycle parts.

KTM was founded as a company in 1934 as a metalworking shop in Mattighofen, Austria. In 1953, the company expanded into the world of motorcycle production. The company, having only 20 employees, completed three bikes per day on their assembly line. In the early years of production, KTM motorcycle parts were built exclusively in-house. By 1990, however, design and marketing of KTM motorcycle parts was given over KiskaDesign out of Salzburg. It was this company that brought the company’s bikes to the U.S. Today, KTM Sportmotorcycles AG is only one of the divisions of the KTM company. They are responsible for exporting 80,000 motorcycles per year in two different categories.

KTM motorcycle parts are available for both styles of KTM bikes imported into the U.S.: street motorcycles and dirt bikes. Of the KTM street bikes, two series’ stand out as the most popular. KTM Adventure bikes are powerful street bikes that can also handle long excursions. They come in two color schemes, but both utilize the company standards of black, silver, and orange. These bikes offer both power and pleasure.

The other popular KTM street bike series is their “Naked Bike” series that includes the Duke and the Super Duke. The Duke utilizes a single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine, while the Super Duke sports a twin-cylinder 999 cc. The Duke series bikes are known for their top-level performance and handling.

KTM off-road bikes are available in a several models led by the SX-F. They come in both full-size versions and mini-bike versions for younger riders. These bikes are made for competitions and are responsible for wins throughout the world.

KTM motorcycle parts are available in two different versions. OEM parts are the most popular type of parts. These are the original parts that are used to build KTM motorcycles. Using these parts will bring your bike back up to its original specs and performance. When parts wear out, OEM parts are the typical replacements.

The other type of KTM motorcycle parts are aftermarket parts. These parts are especially designed to add performance or features to an original KTM bike. Aftermarket parts are primarily used sought by those who wish to maximize the performance of their bikes with more powerful parts. Other types of aftermarket KTM motorcycle parts are designed for aesthetics. These aftermarket parts include seats, fenders, gauges, and other visible parts that make a KTM bike exclusively yours.

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