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Rent Video Game - How to Rent a Video Game - Traditional Game Rental Video Stores, Mail-Order Game Rental Video Stores

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In the early days of home video games, there was no choice but to buy each and every game you wanted to play. The only recourse would be borrowing or trading with friends, but even among your friends, the choice was not often very spectacular. In the past two decades, the market has changed dramatically, and buying has taken a backseat to game rental. Video rental stores first introduced the concept by creating a small section in their VHS video rental stores for Super Nintendo games. The concept really took off with the introduction of the game disc that was popularized by the Playstation.

Over the years, game rental in video stores grew from a small section to taking up half the store. They were found to make just as much or more money than movies. Today, the demand for the ability to rent a video game has expanded outside of the local video store. It is now possible to rent a video game through mail order and online through a completely digital service.

Traditional Game Rental Video Stores

The traditional store is a sharply declining method to rent a video game that may not be available for too much longer. In many markets, only a lone Blockbuster or an occasional Family Video still exists. All other traditional rental stores have been put out of business by the newer methods used to rent a video game. Even so, there are some advantages to renting a video game from a traditional store:

  • There is no waiting period like there is for mail-order game rental. You go into the store, you choose, pay, and play.
  • You don’t need internet access.
  • You have the ability to verify the game disc and replace it immediately if it is not correct.
  • There are no subscriptions required.

Mail-Order Game Rental Video Stores

These types of stores have taken the business model made popular by Netflix and adapted it to video games. For a monthly subscription fee, you have access to large warehouse of video games. Depending on the subscription level, you are entitled to have a set amount of games out at one time, usually from one to three. You order games online and they are mailed out to you immediately if you have an open slot. You can create a queue so you get a new game as soon as you mail back the one you have. You are provided with prepaid envelopes for each rental. The biggest and most popular of these companies is GameFly, but others are available. When choosing a mail-order video game rental company, check on where their distribution centers are. Some have only one distribution center, and if it is located across the country from you, it will take a long time to get new rentals. Advantages of this method to rent a video game include the following:

  • This method of video game rental has eliminated late fees.
  • There is no need to travel to a physical store.
  • These companies have a wider selection and more copies of popular games.
  • If you rent a lot of video games, a monthly subscription is less expensive.

Online Game Rental Video Downloads

A new type of video game rental store has recently risen in popularity. This is type of rental is currently available only for PC games. It allows you to choose and play games completely online. A download is required for most games, but with high-speed internet, the download completes quickly. You then have the ability to play the game as long as you desire for a monthly subscription fee. The real benefit of this type of system is that there is no wait and you have access to the complete inventory of games all at once. If you so desire, you can play twenty or more different games in a single day. The most popular store of this type is Gametap. Gametap provides two subscription levels with either limited or unlimited game selection. Here are the benefits of online rental:

  • Games are available almost instantaneously.
  • A large selection of games is available.
  • They can be played on any compatible computer with an internet connection.
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