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Melissa Doug Toys - Buying Melissa & Doug Toys

include wooden fun puzzles

When it comes to children’s toys, parents are more discriminating now than they have ever been. For forty years toys have been going through a systematical change to be better, smarter, and safer than the toys of yesterday. One company that understands what parents want and what children like is Melissa & Doug Toys. Melissa & Doug toys are known for being educational, unique, and fun. Some of them are unlike anything you may have had yourself growing up.

Melissa & Doug was founded by boyfriend/girlfriend business partners (now husband and wife) Melissa and Doug Bernstein. They founded the company together in Doug’s parent’s garage with nothing but their unique vision. Their first wooden toy, a Fuzzy Farm pink, fuzzy pig puzzle, was not introduced until three years after their founding. 11 years later they sales staff expanded to nineteen employees to meet the demand of consumers, and they were forced out of the garage. Today, the U.S. sales and distribution team is over 200 strong and operates out of a proper company headquarters in Wilton, Connecticut. The manufacturing end of the business has been outsourced to China, but that hasn’t diminished the emphasis on quality that buyer’s of Melissa & Doug toys have come to expect.

Melissa & Doug toys are now available in 15 different categories. They are, at the same time, some of the most thoughtful and functional toys on the market.

Trunki – This innovative toy is basically rideable luggage. It is a children’s suitcase with four wheels in a fun animal/monster design that can be ridden to the baggage drop off to make travelling fun.

Arts and Crafts – These toys include paints, chalks, glitter glue, beads, and many more items that can be used to bring out the creativity of children.

Puzzles – Puzzles are available that include their signature jumbo puzzles and complex cardboard jigsaw puzzles of 500 pieces or more.

Stuffed Animals – Melissa & Doug stuffed animal toys are both realistic and huggable. The focus is on wild animals and dogs.

Food Fun – These little chef toys help children to learn adult cooking and dinners. Items range from play foods to entire play kitchens.

Classics – The classics are some of the best. Classics include the wooden toolbox, blocks, spelling toys, lacing toys, and magnets.

Games – This category features deluxe classic board games like checkers, Chinese checkers, chess, and pick-up sticks. It also includes games for traveling and musical games.

Dollhouses and Castles – Dollhouses and castles are in a folding design and provide an environment for children’s dolls or action figures.

Baby/Toddler Toys – These ultra-safe toys are made for infants under two years of age. Products include oversized plush blocks and baby’s first wooden toys.

Vehicles – This category of Melissa & Doug toys includes wooden train sets with expandable wooden track pieces and other vehicle sets.

Sunny Patch Toys – Sunny Patch toys are made for outdoors time. They include sand toys, garden toys, water toys, nature toys, and games for picnics, camping, or sleepovers.

Puppets – These hand puppets are fun and perfect to spark your child’s creativity.

Classroom Supplies – These wooden puzzles and block sets are both educational and fun.

Mine to Love Dolls – Mine to Love dolls are the Melissa & Doug Toys answer to Cabbage Patch Kids.

Learning Mats – These laminate mats can be colored or written on with included crayon and wiped clean. They include mats for basic skills, math, and much more.

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