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Flat Screen Monitor Arm - The Benefits of a Flat Screen Monitor Arm

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With the advent of the LCD flat screen monitor, a new age dawned in the world of home and business computing. The LCD monitor freed up valuable desktop space and allowed for high-definition video. No one could have guessed that the next great leap in computer display technology would not be electronic, but mechanical. The invention of the flat screen monitor arm has taken LCD technology and expanded its functionality even further.

A flat screen monitor arm is a device made for mounting LCD monitors so you do not have to rely on the basic stands they are sold with. At first thought, this would seem but a trivial improvement, but once you begin digging a little deeper all of benefits of a flat screen monitor arm are revealed.

Flat screen monitor arms are available in several different styles, each with their own uses and benefits. The first type of flat screen monitor arm to be used was a simple bar that may or may not have had a single elbow hinge for adjustment. The arm was attached to a base such as a wall, a floor stand, a floor-to-ceiling pole, or a desktop clip or vise. The primary benefit of this basic model is that it frees up the entire desktop. No longer do you require space for the desktop stand. The arm can also be used to swing the monitor easily from one area of the desk to another. This allows you space for reading hardcopy documents and books, filling out hardcopy forms, or writing with pen and paper.

A more advanced flat screen monitor arm uses a series of different types of hinges and swivels that give you total control over your monitor placement and angle. This allows your display to be pushed back, pulled forward, angled up, down, left, or right, moved up or down. This allows for the most ergonomically advanced monitor placement to reduce eye strain and eye fatigue. It also allows for easy movement when collaborating with one or more other people.

Another type of flat screen monitor arm is made to accept the mounting of two or more displays. Dual-screen computer setups have become very popular both in the home and the office, but it has always been a problem to place them together perfectly aligned. This type of arm allows you to move and adjust the two monitors either independently or as a single unit. As anyone who uses dual monitors can tell you, this is extremely helpful whether you are working alone or with others. Flat screen monitor arms are also made for three or more monitors. Six-monitor arms are available for setups that are used for security or for super multimedia development.

Yet another type of flat screen monitor arm also comes with a reticulating arm that supports a keyboard and mouse. This type of setup allows for a completely desk-free workstation. This can be very practical in areas where space is limited because the monitor and keyboard can be folded so that both are almost flush with the wall.

Buying a flat screen monitor arm does not have to be expensive. The basic models can cost as little as $70. Arms for dual or multiple monitors will be $150 or more. Specialty arms or those with multiple advanced features can run upwards of $700, but these types are generally not used in the home.

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over 6 years ago

I bought a flat screen monitor arm after buying a super sweet hd 24 inch monitor, it looks cool and has freed up my limited desk space quite significantly.