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Pentium M Laptops - Buying Pentium M Laptops

processor cache core processors

Much of the performance of a laptop computer is decided by the type of processor it has. Laptop processors must conform to stricter standards than desktop processors for them to be of practical use. While you can rely on the number of cores, core speeds, and cache size to choose a desktop processor, a laptop processor requires specialized architecture to provide power with a minimal drain on the battery and minimal heat generation.

Pentium M laptops, whose processor allowed them to bear Intel’s Centrino label, were some of the most successful in the history of laptop computers. While there are no new Pentium M laptops, used Pentium M laptops provide enough performance to meet computing needs in both personal and business situations.

The Pentium M processor was introduced in 2003 and was discontinued in 2008. It was built as one part of the new Intel Centrino mobile architecture, which also included a chipset and wireless adapter chosen to make laptop computers more powerful while requiring less juice from the battery. The processor was constructed by adapting elements of the Pentium III processor with the Pentium 4 and adding a several new features, such as a separate 32 KB data cache and instruction cache with a 1 to 2 MB level-2 cache. Several power-saving modes and the ability of parts of the processor to sleep when not needed were also added. All of these changes made Pentium M laptops running at 1.6 GHz to perform equal to or greater than a desktop running a 2.4 GHz Pentium 4.

Today, most manufacturers have abandoned single-core mobile chips like those used in Pentium M laptops for dual core models. Only the smaller and less powerful netbooks use single-core processors. However, this doesn’t mean Pentium M laptops no longer have their uses. For many general business purposes, it makes a lot of sense to invest in used or refurbished Pentium M laptops. If your employees simply require a machine to log onto the Internet, write reports, or put together basic spreadsheets, there is no reason why you would need anything more. The same goes for home use laptops. If you are not doing too much multi-tasking and you rely on the internet and the same applications you have been using for years, you can save a lot of money by buying Pentium M laptops.

You will be able to eke out even more performance by choosing Pentium M laptops with sufficiently high maximum memory. Pentium M laptops with 2 GB or more of RAM can outperform laptops with newer processors that have only 1 GB RAM. By making sure you are only choosing Pentium M laptops with at least 2 GB RAM at DDR2 or above, you will be able to use the newer, more powerful operating systems such as Windows 7. The vast majority of Pentium M laptops come preloaded with Windows XP, which will soon be completely phased out.

Pentium M laptops once cost over $2,000 new. Now, you can find refurbished and used Pentium M laptops for under $200. Even the lowest-end new laptops today cost around $400. This savings makes perfect sense. The best deals for Pentium M laptops can be found from a variety of online computer stores.

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