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University Of Madison Wisconsin - Enrolling at the University of Madison Wisconsin

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The University of Madison Wisconsin, more formally the University of Wisconsin – Madison, is one of the top institutions of higher learning in the state. It is also highly-ranked on a national level. The university is a public, land-grant, research institution composed of 20 colleges with a total enrollment approaching 30,000 undergraduate students. In addition, over 8,700 graduate students and 2,500 professional students are enrolled at the university. In 2008, the University of Madison Wisconsin granted a combined total of 9,368 degrees. It is considered a public Ivy-league school.

The University of Madison Wisconsin is rated by Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education at RU/VH level, which corresponds to very high research activity. In fact, research expenditures have recently topped the $1 billion dollar mark, the third-highest in the United States.

The University of Madison Wisconsin began by being acknowledged as necessary by the state constitution, which went into effect in 1848. The first class of 17 students met the next year in 1849, and a permanent campus was completed ten years later. Although the constitution of Wisconsin provided for the establishment of the University in the state’s capital city, a speech that came to be known as the founding of the Wisconsin Idea established that the University should have no bounds but that of the state itself and it should be used to better the lives of the people and the environment of the state. This is said to be the basis for the University’s strong research ethic.

Although the academic programs offered by the University of Madison Wisconsin are wide and diverse, the institution does have its specialties, with agriculture and life sciences being the chief among them. Other areas with strong programs at the university include the following:

  • Business
  • Communications
  • Ecology
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental studies
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Public Health
  • Sociology
  • Veterinary medicine

These academic programs have helped the University of Madison Wisconsin to achieve an international ranking by US News and World Report of 61 in 2010. Other respected ranking services list the university as high as number 11 internationally.

The University of Madison Wisconsin supports a total of 25 NCAA sports teams, most of which are in Division I-A. Most of the teams compete in the Big Ten Conference. The university team mascot is the Badger, formally known by the name Buckingham U. Badger, buy commonly referred to as “Bucky.” University of Wisconsin – Madison football is played at Camp Randall Stadium with a seating capacity of 80,321. The school also has a strong tradition in ice hockey.

The University of Madison Wisconsin has a reputation for being a party school, ranked at number 3 by Playboy Magazine and number 12 by The Princeton Review. This is most notably played out by two annual events: the Mifflin Street Block Party and the State Street Halloween Party, both with attendances in the tens of thousands. This reputation is overlooked by many because of the schools strong academic record and high graduation ratio.

The cost of attendance at the University of Madison Wisconsin is much higher than many other state universities. Including room and board, resident students can expect to pay an average of $21,617 for a full year. Minnesota residents are extended a discount, making their average yearly cost only $1,200 higher than the cost for Wisconsin residents. Out-of-state students, however, can have an estimated annual cost of $37,757.

For further information, the University of Wisconsin – Madison can be reached through the following methods:


716 Langdon Street
Madison, WI 53706


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