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Online Guide to Army Games - Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield

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Are you looking for the coolest Army games out there? Army video games have become something of a phenomena in recent years, with several big names wrestling for the top spot. Titles like Medal of Honor brought realistic war stories to PC and consoles as first-person shooters, and more recently multiplayer online army games have become a genre unto themselves. It can be tricky for gamers new to the genre to sort through all the new brands and titles that are coming out, so here is an introduction to all the main Army game titles and their basic themes. Enjoy!

Call of Duty

The Call of Duty franchise was most recently updated with the game Call of Duty: Black Ops. This is a game with both immersive single-player campaigns and muliplayer mayhem, letting you get into the boots of a soldier on the ground and utilize a variety of weapons, vehicles, and strategies to take down the opposing force. Because it supports both single- and multiplayer, Call of Duty has a little something for everyone. If you’re a little uncertain about fighting real-live opponents on the internet, you can go up against A.I.-controlled “bots” to hone your skills before taking the leap. Black Ops in particular focuses elite covert military tactics, letting players engage in stealth, sabotage, and more. If you’re still unsure of which game to try after reading through this list, Call of Duty is a good place to start purely because it will let you try a little of everything.

Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor series was recently expanded with the title Medal of Honor: Tier 1. The focus here is on elite modern warfare, putting the player in the boots of a “Tier 1” soldier – someone even more highly trained than any special forces personnel.

Medal of Honor has long made its success with highly detailed single-player campaigns, taking great pains to create realistic battle scenes, sound effects, and strategies. Players that are looking for a great immersive single-player campaign that really hits home will be more than satisfied with Medal of Honor. However, if you’re looking for multiplayer action you had better look elsewhere.


The Battlefield series has been a favorite of online game-addicts since its first title, Battlefield 1942. Battlefield specializes in multiplayer war games, allowing you to operate vehicles, choose from dozens of weapons, and become one of four distinct character classes. The newest title in the series, Battlefield Bad Company 2, takes place during the Vietnam War. It allows players to fly helicopters, drive ATV’s, and destroy entire structures, guaranteeing “the most realistic vehicle combat experience to date”.

While the heart of Battlefield has always been multiplayer, you’ll also find a single-player campaign where you can learn game mechanics and hone your skills. But we advise against getting it just for single-player – it would be a waste not to jump in with the thousands of players who are on the game at any given time!

America’s Army (Official US Army Game)

Lastly, we’ll take a look at America’s Army, the official video game released by the U.S. Army. This game is based on actual Army training, and boasts to be “so realistic that you’ll swear you were there”. And the best part is, it’s totally free! Players can download the game to their computers via the game provider Steam. America’s Army allows for both single-player and muliplayer use, letting players navigate realistic Army challenges and learn more about the real jobs of our fighting men and women.

That’s it for this online introduction to the biggest and baddest Army games that you’ll find anywhere. Pick the game that best meets your interests and play style, and you’ll have hours of fun on your hands! Check them out today.

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