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Your Online Guide to PlayStation 2 Video Games - PlayStation2: Still Going After All These Years

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Are you a die-hard PlayStation 2 owner looking for some classic games? Or maybe you just want to stroll down video game memory lane. In this guide, we will take a look at this incredibly versatile and persistent gaming platform and its thousands of game titles. We’ll show you the best places to find information on every game ever made for it, and help you find the best places to buy both new and used copies of PS2 games. Read on!

PlayStation2: Still Going After All These Years

Many people are surprised to find out that PlayStation is still producing new games for the PS2 even today. When asked about their future plans, PlayStation said they would continue to make games for the PS2 until demand ceased. Clearly, there is still a large crowd of devoted PS2 owners out there demanding new games with their hard-earned dollars.

So why this amazing continued popularity? Over the years since its release in 2000, the PS2 has had literally thousands of games produced for the console, including huge hits like the popular Metal Gear series, God of War, and Resident Evil. These games made deep impressions on thousands of gamers the world over, and many still go back for another play every now and then. The reasonable price range of the system also attracted many gamers, not to mention the fact that it doubled as a DVD player, which added significant value for many.

Even after the launch of the next-gen systems like the PS3, many gamers are still tempted by the PS2’s wide availability, solid graphics, and low price – which today hovers around $99. Especially in today’s rough economy, that can become an especially sweet selling point for eager gamers on a budget.

The Data Goldmine: Every PlayStation2 Game EVER

If you’re looking for a comprehensive listing of every PS2 game ever created, then look no further than PlayStation’s own PS2 site. There you’ll find a huge sortable list of almost 2,000 titles, including in-depth game descriptions and links (where available) to the game sites.

If you’re looking for information on old classics or simply want to browse what’s out there, this is a great place to start. Of course, you can also find links to purchase many of the newer games directly from major retailers. But when it comes to older, out-of-production games, you’ll find the search getting a little bit tricky. That’s where the next section comes in handy…

Finding New and Used Copies

For discounted new games and a healthy mix of old ones, Amazon’s PlayStation Games Page has quite a bit to offer. Amazon’s used games marketplace has been growing a lot in recent years, so you can find a surprisingly large amount of used games on their site. If you’re already an Amazon shopper, take advantage of the convenience offered by hopping on to your account and taking care of all your non-perishable shopping at once.

Of course, the reigning king of used games (and used everything else, for that matter) is eBay. At the time of writing, they had over 90,000 items in their used PlayStation Games section. How does that sound for selection? Enough said.

That’s it for this guide to PlayStation2 video games. Check out these resources, and rest assured that the PS2 will continue to be a popular platform for many years to come!

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