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Your Online Guide to Fisher Price Baby Toys - Fisher-Price.com, Toys R Us

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Do you have a new member of the family on the way? Or perhaps a friend’s baby shower is coming up? Whenever there is a little bundle of joy expected, you’ll almost always find Fisher Price toys there to welcome it. Fisher Price has long been a popular children’s toymaker, and they continue to provide new playthings for thousands of babies and toddlers across the world. In this guide, we will show you some of the top places to find a new Fisher Price toy that will be perfect for the new arrival, plus some other handy resources for toy owners.


Of course, we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t mention the official Fisher Price site, where you can order all manner of children’s toys and have them shipped directly to your house. Fisher-Price.com has a huge variety of toys that are organized by age group and play category, making it easy to pinpoint the perfect item. And if you’re looking for baby items, you’re in luck! Fisher Price has devoted an entire section of their site exclusively to baby toys and other accessories such as swings, carriers, walkers, and much more. You can find these in their Baby Gear section, which is a goldmine of handy items for expecting parents.

Toys R Us

Understandably, Toys-R-Us also has a huge database of Fisher Price toys for your perusal. They take your toy-shopping experience to the next level by using many advanced categories to target exactly what you’re looking for. Of course, they have an entire section devoted to baby toys. But it doesn’t stop at age range – you can search for items based on gender, price, shipping method, and more. Another handy feature is Store Pickup, which enables you to immediately pick up your order at any local Toys-R-Us location. This way you can take advantage of online specials without having to wait for shipping. (Not to mention you can do all the product browsing and price comparisons from the comfort of your own home instead of at a crowded store!) Just walk in and pick up your order, simple as that.

Parts, Replacements, Etc.

Mattel’s service site contains great resources for owners of any Mattel products, including Fisher Price. If you experience any problems with your toys, are concerned about safety, or have other service issues, this is the place to go. Through the service site, you can also track your order, look for local retailers, and find links to the online stores for all of Mattel’s product lines. This is a great resource if you have any questions about your Fisher Price toys.

New Toys at a Discount

You may have used Amazon in the past for books or other items, but they definitely deserve a mention here for their expansive toy selection. Look online in their Fisher Price section to find many popular infant toys, usually at a handsome discount. Another bonus of Amazon is the customer feedback and review section, which lets you see how pleased other parents were with their toy purchases. Whether you’re buying it for your own child or as a present for expecting parents, this is a great way to get the inside scoop before you buy.

That’s it for this guide to finding Fisher Price baby toys online. Use these stores and resources to find the best new toys at some of the best prices out there.

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