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The Wolf Gas Range: a Welcome Addition to any Foodie Kitchen - Why Wolf, Wolf Gas Range Features and Options

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You may have heard about Wolf gas ranges TV or from a foodie friend. They produce some of the highest quality home kitchen appliances available, with products that have been tried and tested in professional kitchens. Fair warning – anyone who spends any amount of time in the kitchen will quickly find themselves drooling over Wolf’s large range of features. If you’re thinking of renovating the kitchen or perhaps even building a new house, now is definitely the time to check out what they have to offer! Even if it’s just time to replace the stove, you’ll be amazed at the difference switching to Wolf can make. In this guide, we will introduce you to the Wolf company, its gas ranges, and the large range of customizable features available to you. And for when you’re ready to take the plunge, we’ll also include a section on finding a new Wolf range near you.

Why Wolf

Wolf gas ranges came about in California, where they were put to the test in dozens of actual commercial settings. The goal was to take lessons from daily professional use and apply the best of what they learned to consumer ranges as well, thus making the power of the professionals accessible to home chefs.

This concept caught the attention of consumers, and the high demand in California and beyond made Wolf grow at a healthy pace. They continued to innovate over the years, but the core principal of giving professional quality tools to home chefs remained the same.

In recent years, this philosophy has gained even further momentum thanks to burgeoning foodie movements across the country. Today, Wolf Appliances is owned by SubZero Inc, and they provide a one-two duo of heating and cooling appliances for the kitchen.

So what does professional quality mean to you? It means rugged durability that can stand up to abuse. It means high BTU burners to give you high heat quick. It means modern professional convection ovens with all the trimmings. It means customizable range tops that can fit just about any space. As a home chef, going professional means a world of difference.

Check out the gas ranges page to see more.

Wolf Gas Range Features and Options

For starters, Wolf offers stoves in a variety of sizes, from the slim 30" model to the mammoth double-oven 60-incher, and everything in between. They provide both one- and two-oven stoves, and they even have a 1 ½-oven model that is great for getting the most from a medium-sized space.

As for the range top, you can find some great features to go with your high-output gas burners, including a special ceramic-heated grill unit that offers unsurpassed indoor grilling for home units. You could also try a griddle plate, or maybe even a French top to allow for further flexibility.

The longer you gaze at Wolf’s wide list of available and standard features, the more you’ll realize that they truly build with the foodie in mind.

Finding Wolf Products Near You

When it comes time to make a new purchase, you can start by using Wolf’s store locator page, which can tell you exactly where to go to find Wolf appliances near you. Of course, it pays to do your homework first, so first choose one or two rangetop features and a model type that will fit into your kitchen comfortably. Look up pricing information on the site before you go, so you have an idea of what to expect.

That’s it for this introduction to Wolf gas ranges and cookware. For foodies, this is one shopping experience that you really can savor! Sit back, enjoy the ride, and soon you will be the happiest home chef for miles around.

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