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Finding a Desperate Housewives Episode Guide Online - TV.com, Wikipedia’s Desperate Housewives Episode Listing, ABC’s Episode Guide

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Desperate Housewives has made a huge splash since its debut on ABC. It’s no surprise that you can find hundreds of fan sites and tributes across the internet today. But what if you’re just getting into the series and need to catch up on some critical details? Or maybe you’re already a hardcore fan-for-life who just wants to find the details on your favorite episode. In any case, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we will list the top places to get all the juicy details on episodes of Desperate Housewives. While all of these sites have a lot of great info, each one has its own special advantages over the others. So take note of them all, and use the one that gives you what you’re really looking for.


TV.com’s Desperate Housewives Episode Guide has an excellent detailed look at every single episode ever made. And not only do you get pictures and an episode synopsis for each one, you also will find trivia, quotes, comments, and an aggregated user ratings from hundreds of other fans! The depth of information on every episode is simply amazing. This makes TV.com’s episode guide a must-see for hardcore Desperate Housewives fans – but beware! Once you start looking around the guide’s expansive content, you could very easily get sucked in for hours!

Wikipedia’s Desperate Housewives Episode Listing

While having heaps of information can be a good thing at times, at other times it just gets in the way. If all you’re looking for is a quick summary of all DH episodes, then Wikipedia is a great place to go. They have a succinct summary of every episode with important information like show title, season number, airdate, director, etc. It’s very quick and easy to search over for a bird’s eye view, and yet you still have the option to delve deeper into each episode’s details by clicking on the show’s title link. When you want a quick-and-dirty summary of every episode all on one page, Wikipedia has your answer.

ABC’s Episode Guide

When it comes to in-depth episode summaries, what better place to get it than straight from the horse’s mouth? ABC’s Desperate Housewives episode guide has extremely detailed summaries of every episode – three or four pages each, in fact! And while the navigation within seasons can be a little cumbersome, once you’ve found the one you’re looking for you’ll be treated to plenty of pictures from the show and a detailed written summary that leaves nothing out!

And as a further bonus, while you’re on ABC.com you can watch the last few episodes of Desperate Housewives on your computer for free! How’s that for handy?

TV Guide

Lastly, we look at TV Guide’s handy show listings. Their service is slightly different from from the other sites listed here, but it’s very useful for anyone trying to brush up on past episodes or keep track of the new ones. On one single page, you can see every episode of Desperate Housewives that is scheduled for the coming weeks. That’s both new and old episodes, across every station! This is a great way to keep an eye out for past episodes that you might have missed.

That’s it for this directory to Desperate Housewives episode guides. Each one offers a different advantage, so check them all out to find the one to best meet your needs.

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