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Coffee Cappuccino Maker - Buying a Coffee Cappuccino Maker

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As coffee drinkers in the U.S. look for new machines to replace their old or broken coffee machines at home, more and more are choosing a coffee cappuccino maker versus a standard drip coffee maker. A coffee cappuccino maker is essentially a type of espresso maker, since it is espresso that is used in the making of a cappuccino. These types of coffee makers allow you to make the same types of coffee drinks that you enjoy from Starbucks and other gourmet coffee shops.

To fully understand how to choose a coffee cappuccino maker, it is helpful to understand espresso. Espresso coffee is finely-ground, having a consistently closer to that of powder that standard drip coffee grounds. The ground coffee is packed into a small filter cup that is then locked into the machine. Hot water and steam are infused into the grounds through a pressurized chamber and forced out into the cup. Espresso is known for being stronger and richer than other types of coffee drinks.

The difference between an espresso machine and a coffee cappuccino maker is that the coffee cappuccino maker has a separate spigot/wand that, when activated, releases a pressurized stream of steam. The steam is used for heating milk. Cappuccino is made by adding a bottom layer of espresso, a middle layer of steamed milk, and a top layer of frothed milk, which is made by holding the steam wand close to the surface of the milk.

Espresso machines with coffee cappuccino maker features are available in two types: steam-driven machines and pump machines. Steam machines are an older style that uses the physical properties of steam to operate the machine. Newer machines use an electric pump to force the hot water into the pressurized chamber for brewing. This type of machine is more popular and generally accepted as being able to produce a superior cup of espresso. Some models of steam coffee cappuccino maker, however, can be more expensive than the cheaper pump models.

Cappuccino makers range in price from $30 to $1,000 and are made by several different manufacturers. In the United States, the most popular brands are Krups and Mr. Coffee, which combined, make up half of national sales. The average amount a U.S. buyer spends on a machine is $75. Besides Krups and Mr. Coffee, other popular manufacturers include Bialetti, DeLonghi, Breville, Braun, Cuisinart, and Capresso.

According to consumer reviews, here are the top three models of coffee cappuccino maker being sold today:

DeLonghi Pump Espresso Maker (EC155)
This black and silver cappuccino maker comes with two separate attachments for use with either loose espresso or espresso pods. It features self-priming operation for quick startup, two thermostats for cycle regulation, 15-bar pump pressure, and a swivel jet for frothing. The 35-ounce water tank is removable so it can be cleaned and the boiler is made of stainless steel. List price of this coffee cappuccino maker is $99.99.

Breville Café Modena Espresso Maker (XXESP6SXL)
This Breville Model has a 15-bar pressure pump and uses dual-wall crema system for frothing. It features a drip tray, a removable 40-ounce reservoir, and two filters, a one-cup filter and a two-cup filter. The body is made of stainless steel with black edging and highlights. This model sells for $117.99

Cuisinart EM-100 Espresso Maker
The Cuisinart EM-100 is easy to operate and can be used with both ground espresso and pods. It has a drip tray and a cover that can be removed for cleaning. This model also uses the standard 15-bar pressure system and can brew up to two cups. The 53-ounce reservoir is removable and the frothing wand is 100 percent stainless steel. A warming plate is included to keep cups warming until serving. It has a black and stainless steel finish. List price is $120.99.

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