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Video Audio Conferencing - Benefits of Video Audio Conferencing

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With today’s technology, there is no reason why business should have to be disrupted or put off because a physical meeting is impossible to schedule. Any business still relying on face-to-face meetings is not using the technology resources available to them. Software and hardware for video audio conferencing is readily available and doesn’t have to break the bank.

Video audio conferencing refers to the ability of people in different locations to communicate with two or more other people by sending and receiving both sound and video images that are simultaneously broadcast to each member of the conference. At its best, each member of the conference can see each other via video displays as they communicate in real time via a software system that coordinates the action of video cameras and microphones. Many video audio conferencing systems can also be used to share data and presentations. Software products and training can be accomplished by one hosting sharing their computer display with all other members of the meeting.

Video audio conferencing devices were introduced as early as 1968, but were too expensive and not reliable enough to be practically used on a large scale. As computers became faster and more efficient they could be used to run video audio conferencing software that made use of broadband Internet connections for fast and reliable service.

Today, video audio conferencing takes several forms. It can be done through expensive dedicated hardware/software systems costing tens of thousands of dollars or it can be accomplished with free software using only webcams and microphones attached to any laptop. Software systems of paid video audio conferencing can be run in-house or it can be managed offsite by a company specializing in hosting video audio conferencing clients.

As a whole, video audio conferencing can benefit a business in the following ways:

Cost Reduction
Businesses taking advantage of a video audio conferencing system benefit from a reduction in travel expenses. No longer are expensive plane tickets required for important business meetings to take place. Even the cost of each member of the meeting driving across the city from their homes can make meetings prohibitively expensive. Although video audio conference does not have the same impact as live meetings and should not replace important deal-making meetings with clients, it can take care of routine in-house business just as efficiently.

Increased Productivity
It can be difficult to organize a staff that operates from several locations simultaneously. Coordinating efforts and keeping on top of each employee and their progress can be a daunting task without the use of video audio conferencing for update meetings. Although a lot of communication needs can be accomplished through phone and email communications, videoconferencing reduces the chances of error and miscommunications that are inherent with those other methods. Real-time meetings increase the focus of employees and save you the time having to repeat yourself over and over to each person individually.

Video audio conferencing allows you and your employees to remain flexible in today’s fast-paced business environment. Key employees no longer need to be tied-down if a situation should arise during a time when important meetings are scheduled. Even if all other members in the meeting are present, employees in emergency situations can take care of business and not miss the meeting.

Green Statements
Environmentalism has become very important today for every company. Not only do clients want to see a green initiative from the companies they deal with, but investors are starting to take notice of this as well. Video audio conferencing is a green technology in its ability to reduce travel. The reduction in your businesses carbon footprint can be shown in your green statement for clients and investors.

Advantage over the Competition
Using video audio conferencing will give your company an advantage against competing companies in your field that have not yet adopted the practice. This competitive edge may very well be enough to push you ahead in the market. Taking advantage of every possible edge against the competition can only benefit your company as a whole.

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almost 2 years ago

I completely agree with the above article. It is true that audio video conferencing tools like R-HUB desktop video conferencing servers helps businesses in reduced costs, increased productivity, flexibility, competitive advantage etc.

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almost 2 years ago