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Listen To Songs Online - Listen to Songs Online Free without Piracy

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With all the talk of the music industry about album piracy, you would think you would have to pay to listen to songs online legally. However, this is far from the case. The problem is not entirely one that lies with consumers stealing music. After all, you can turn on the radio and listen to all the music you want for free. Legitimate radio stations and online music sources must pay the record company every time a song is played, unless they waiver the fee for promotional reasons. As long as the record company gets paid by the host of the music site, you can listen to songs online at that site all you want. Luckily, there are gads of places to listen to songs online completely free.

It might be difficult for you to tell if you are breaking the law when you listen to songs online. While it can be difficult to determine in some instances, most illegal sites require you to download the song so you can listen to it. If you are streaming the song without a download, then you are usually safe. This doesn’t mean that there is no way to listen to music online from downloads, it just means it is not always 100 percent legal.

One of the top ways to listen to songs online free is by using an internet radio station. Many media players, including Window Media Player, have a method built in to allow you to find Internet radio stations of many different genres so you can choose a type of music you like to listen to. Incidentally, Windows Media Player Media Guide also has links to legitimate free song downloads. Internet radio stations come in two varieties: broadcast radio stations with an online listening feature and online-only stations. If you have a favorite radio station in your location, check their website to see if they broadcast online. There are a number of Internet radio host sites that have a variety of stations for all musical tastes, including AOL Radio, Last.fm, SHOUTcast, and Yahoo Music Radio.

A new type of Internet radio station has been making big waves lately. This type of Internet radio station creates a customized play-stream of music that is similar to the song or band that you type in. This allows you to listen to songs online from a variety of musicians or a variety of songs by a particular musician. Examples of this type of station include Pandora Radio and Grooveshark.

Some of the aforementioned websites for Internet radio also allow you to listen to songs online that you pick and choose. This has the advantage of letting you listen to the exact song you want. Some allow you to create whole playlists so you can listen to several songs in a row without having to pick a new song at the end of the previous one each time. Many of these types of websites also allow you to watch the music video for the songs you choose. One big example of this type of website is YouTube.

YouTube, however, requires you to input the name of the song and search for it. Some other websites that allow you to listen to songs online free will have lists of available songs sorted by artist, name of song, genre, and popularity. This is very helpful when you want to listen to a particular song, but you don’t know the name of it.

With all of the options available to listen to songs online free, music piracy has almost become obsolete. If the song or songs you want to listen to are not available from one website, they will be available on another.

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