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Las Vegas Home Builders - The Benefits of Going to Las Vegas Home Builders

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Although Las Vegas is known worldwide as a top tourist destination, hundreds of thousands of people also live there full time and tens of thousands more have summer homes in the city. With 2009 being an unusual exception, Las Vegas is growing by leaps and bounds with an average of 25,000 new residents expected to call the city home every year through 2015. Estimates from 2000 to the current year show that a new home is built an average of every 20 minutes in Las Vegas and, the number of schools, hospitals, and roads in support of the new homes has tripled in this time.

This climate of residential growth has been a great boon to Las Vegas home builders, who have always benefited from as much work as they can handle. Previously owned homes are plentiful in the city with the current market supporting over 14,000 homes for sale, and they have a median selling price of $100,000 less than new homes freshly built by Las Vegas home builders. This information notwithstanding, there are still several benefits to buying a new home over a pre-existing home:

1. It’s All Yours
By using one of the many Las Vegas home builders to build you a new custom home, you have the advantage of knowing that your home is all yours, always has been yours, and is made to your specifications. Every preexisting home for sale in the city, or any city, was built for someone else, and if you buy one of these homes, you will find yourself having to fit into it instead of your home fitting you. When your home is finished, you can move right in, and everything is perfect.

2. Location
This benefit is related to the first benefit in that the location of your home is all of your choosing. You don’t have to make any adjustments to fit into a neighborhood just because the house you want is located there. You can have the exact house of your dreams in a location of your own choosing. Many people prefer to build houses in brand new subdivisions or communities. This provides you the additional bonus of not having to walk into an existing neighborhood social system that may not be to your liking because all of your neighbors are new, too. There is no bowing down to a small group of homeowners who have greater pull over neighborhood situations because three generations of their family has lived in the same home going back to the founding of Las Vegas in 1905.

3. Energy Efficiency and Technology
If you are green conscious, a new home constructed by Las Vegas home builders will meet all current government regulations and many recommendations concerning energy efficiency. Over the long run, a lot of the extra money you will spend on a new home in hot and dry Vegas will be made up in reduced cooling costs. In some cases, you will even be able to take advantages of tax breaks for your energy-efficient appliances. In addition, you can have your new home wired with the latest technology for climate control, home audio, video, and lighting. It can be both an expensive and painstaking ordeal trying to retrofit an older home for new technology.

4. Resale Value
Although most people who have a home custom-made by Las Vegas home builders expect to live in it for the rest of their lives, life is not always that predictable. Should you have to sell your home, market studies show that you will be able to get a higher dollar as a percentage of your buying price for a home with a single-owner as compared to an older home that has changed hands several times over. In addition, some Las Vegas homebuilders are predicting a downturn in the market and are very open to negotiations. You may be able to get your new home for much less than their asking price.

5. Warranties
While you may be able to negotiate a one-year warranty with a realtor for a resale home, a new home will be fully guaranteed for three years or even longer for appliances. There is also no limit to what is covered. You will have coverage from roof to cellar.

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