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Half Price Book Store - Shopping at the Half Price Book Store

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If you love to read and purchase new books for your home library, you know it can be an expensive endeavor. Books nowadays can be expensive, especially if you are looking for new releases that are only available in hard cover editions. Part of the expense of being an avid reader can be alleviated by shopping at the right stores. One of the best places to buy books is the Half Price Book Store. Half Price Books not only sells books, they also sell records and magazines.

The Half Price Book Store, formally named Half Price Books, was founded in 1972 in Dallas, Texas. The founders, Ken Gjemre and Pat Anderson, converted an old Laundromat and stocked it with 2,000 books from their personal collections, offering them at discounted prices. The Half Price Book Store rose quickly in popularity due to their policy of not only selling books to the public but buying books from them. They since have expanded so they buy and sell books, music, games, and movies. Today, the Half Price Book store is led by Pat Anderson’s daughter, Sharon Anderson Wright. The store operates online and has 111 retail locations in 17 states.

The Half Price Book Store continues to grow because they have something that their top competitors such as Barnes & Noble and Borders can’t provide – out-of-print and hard-to-find books. Not every used book, CD, and DVD Half Price Books buys doesn’t go back into the circulation for sale. The company is dedicated to their community and in helping to promote literacy, so a good number of those books are donated to local literacy organizations across the country and used for their own endeavor, the building of “Half Pint” libraries at children’s hospitals. In addition, all teachers and librarians are offered exclusive discount cards allowing them to take an extra 10% off of their purchases.

Featured products sold by Half Price Books changes monthly and they can be viewed on their website. They feature a book of the month, kitchen book of the month, media book of the month, and a children’s book of the month. All of these books are offered with even deeper discounts than usual. Because the Half Price Book Store has access to so many used books, they offer a very unique product to interior decorators or others looking to build a library more for aesthetic value than for personal reading: Books by the Yard. For only $20 plus shipping and applicable taxes, you can buy one linear yard of books to fill up shelf space. There are three categories of Books by the Yard available:

  • Law Books – Used to create a serious, scholarly atmosphere.
  • Reference Books – Mostly volumes from encyclopedias. They have a faux antique look.
  • Mixed Books – Mixed books are in a ratio of 85 percent fiction and 15 percent non-fiction.

You can find a Half Price Books location near you by visiting their website at www.halfpricebooks.com, by calling customer service toll-free at 800-883-2114, or by writing them at the following address:

Corporate Headquarters
Half Price Books, Records, Magazines, Incorporated
5803 East Northwest Highway
Dallas, TX 75231

Corporate phone: 214-360-0833

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