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Women's Pant Suits - Shopping for Women’s Pant Suits - Solid, Neutral Colors, The Perfect Fit, The Right Fabric

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There are so many different styles of women’s pant suits that choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming. From classy to casual, how on earth are you supposed to know what kind of women’s pants suits are appropriate? Thankfully, the experts have put together a few guides to help those of us who are a little bit fashion challenged.

Solid, Neutral Colors

The very first mistake some women make is simply not purchasing a solid, neutral color. Professional women’s pant suits will be in neutral colors like black, navy blue, or grey, so save the pink suit for a day when you can relax a little bit. Red is also another good option, although it is not necessarily a neutral color. Just remember that red evokes power, so wear it on days when you need to feel and give off a sense of power among your coworkers or subordinates. Also women’s pant suits should be a solid color. Loud patterns just say way more than what the average professional woman should be looking to say in her attire. Simple patterns like stripes or plaids are fine.

The Perfect Fit

Unfortunately for women, shopping for women’s pant suits is a lot more difficult than shopping for men’s suits. The sheer number of styles and fits ensures that there is a perfect suit for every woman’s body, but it may take quite a bit of trying on to find the one that works perfectly. If you have a lot of curves, then remember that a flat front suit may not work well. Some suits with a flat front can be slimming, while others can just make your stomach look even bigger. Curvy women should be sure to look for rounded lines rather than straight ones. Thin women usually look better than curvy women in a flat fronted pair of slacks. Women who are short should avoid pants with cuffs because they will make them look even shorter. Women should make sure that they can move around easily in the suit without stretching the seams or causing a tear. Try shaking hands with people and sitting down. It helps to have another person with you to help make sure that the coat does not open up in the back as you reach or move around.

The Right Fabric

Another thing to take into consideration is the type of fabric the suit is made from. On days when a classier look is required, silk may certainly be in order. Satin is also a very elegant material. Also some women’s pant suits are more feminine than others, so this should be kept in mind when selecting the right one. Some occasions may warrant a softer look, while others will require a stronger, more powerful appearance.

When in doubt, just use your instincts to pick out the perfect suit. Remember that personality is sometimes key in selecting the right attire for any occasion.

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