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Notre Dame Football Schedule - Places to Find the Notre Dame Football Schedule - UND.com, ESPN.com, DocSports.com

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Notre Dame football fans know that the internet is the best way to stay on top of when the Fighting Irish play next, but knowing where the reliable sources for the Notre Dame football schedule can be a bit confusing. After all, how do you really know if the site you are looking at is one you can actually trust? Here’s a closer look at three very reliable sites that have the Notre Dame football schedule.


Of course the best place to find the Notre Dame football schedule is by simply going to the school’s website. The schedule that is available at UND.com is very straightforward. It even has a place to download the schedule to Microsoft Outlook, which is a great feature that any football fan would really love. Having the schedule in your email will help you stay on track with all of the games, as much as if you were planning them right in your personal calendar. You will receive emails reminding you that the game is coming up and tell you who they are playing. UND.com also has tentative future schedules for the next two years posted. Additionally, there are some news briefs about the Fighting Irish, including stories about upcoming games, even as far as three years in advance. There are also plenty of photos and the school’s roster. All in all, if you consider yourself to be a fan of the University of Notre Dame, you cannot afford to miss the school’s site.


Another great choice to find the University of Notre Dame football schedule is on ESPN.com. This site does not give you the option to download the schedule to your Microsoft Outlook, but there are other features that make it very worthwhile to check the site out. It gives the overall rankings, as well as statistics and other fun numbers that only true fans of the University of Notre Dame would appreciate. It also lists the scores of the games that are in the past, as well as the result of them, including any overtimes or other details. It also gives the team’s record and offers a link for fans to purchase tickets.


Finally we come to the underdog on this list, but there are also some features here that true fans will not want to miss. Of course it gives the same standard schedule that the other two sites offer, but it also gives the previous year’s schedule and scores. Additionally, it takes the gambling side of the sport for those who like to take out a little wager on their favorite team. It lists the team’s odds and also a solid strategy for sports betting. The site also lists the editor’s picks, so you can see just how well your thoughts about the Fighting Irish stack up. Any Notre Dame fan who wants to see what kind of odds they are up against should definitely check out this site.

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