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Womens Sweater Vests - Shopping for Women’s Sweater Vests - Material, Size and Style

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Whenever a gift-giving occasion rolls around, many men are at a loss when it comes to buying clothes, but choosing flattering items like women’s sweater vests is much easier than you might think. Even women are sometimes confused about how to find one that suits them perfectly, so the fashion experts have put together a list of things to look for when shopping for women’s sweater vests.


The very first thing that should be considered is the type of material the women’s sweater vests are made from. Check out the label to see exactly what you are dealing with. Cashmere and mohair are very high quality materials that will last for a long time. They are also extremely soft and usually work very well on fitted sweaters. The materials also flatter women of all body types, including curvy women, thin women, and everyone in between. Cotton is a much more basic material, although women’s sweater vests made from this material are also lighter. However, it is also much easier to care for than other types of material. Wool is great for climates where the temperature is extremely cold, but it may not be suited for warmer areas where it does not get below freezing. Also remember that wool can be a very bulky material, so it simply may not be flattering on women of certain body types.

Also when looking at the tag, check for the washing instructions. Try to avoid women’s sweater vests that say “dry clean only” unless you are someone who frequents the dry cleaner. People who do not use a dry cleaner are far less likely to give the sweater the proper care to keep it looking good. Do not even waste your time on a “dry clean only” sweater vest if you are not confident that you will be motivated enough to take it to the dry cleaners on a regular basis.

Size and Style

Size and style are two features that go hand in hand when shopping for women’s sweater vests. All women know that the same size may not fit them across all brand names or styles. It simply matters how the vest is supposed to fit. Also remember that sweaters made of cotton tend to shrink, so it does not hurt to purchase a size larger than what is actually needed.

Having the proper style also makes a big difference in selecting a sweater vest that flatters. The good news about sweater vests is the fact that they usually look good on everyone, especially when paired with a button-up shirt that is layered underneath. Just take into consideration the pattern on the sweater. For example, stripes do not usually look very good on heavy or curvy women. Also remember to think about what kind of clothing will be worn with the sweater vest. Bulky vests look better with fitted pants, while tighter vests may look better with wide leg jeans or a full skirt.

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