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Ncaa Football Top 25 - The Best Websites for NCAA Football Top 25 - ESPN.com, CBSSports.com, SportsIllustrated.CNN.com

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Football fans know there is a lot of work that goes into staying on top of the NCAA Football top 25. Careful records are kept to make sure that the rankings are always correct, and there are many different websites that offer these rankings up in different formats. Of course some of these sites that offer the NCAA Football top 25 are better than others because of the little extras and features that make them worthwhile for football fans everywhere. One of the first things that should be understood about all of these sites is that they all figure out the top 25 teams through different calculations. Usually the top few teams are affected very little, but once you start to get down the list, it may change a bit depending on which list you are looking at. Let’s take a closer look at the top three sites that offer the NCAA Football top 25 rankings.


By far the best site to check the NCAA Football top 25 is ESPN.com. This site offers side by side listings of the NCAA Football top 25 from several of the major sports reporting institutions. In addition to ESPN’s own listing, fans also get the USA Today Poll on the best teams, the listing according to the Associated Press, and the BCS standings. Some of these lists, like the USA Today Poll, are based on votes by fans, while other lists are based on various ways of calculating the statistics. It is not necessary to understand the way points are calculated by each of these lists, but it is extremely helpful to look at all of the lists so that you can see where your favorite team stacks up. Remember that just because the team has a certain number of wins and losses, it does not necessarily mean that they are among the best.


Another site that is great for its variety of NCAA Football top 25 list is CBSSports.com. This site gives the CBS Sports list, BCS Standings, Associated Press, and the Coaches Poll instead of the USA Today Poll. The Coaches Poll involves votes from all of the college coaches, based on how they think all of the teams will perform. One nice additional feature about CBSSports.com is the fact that all of the lists say the last time they were updated. This ensures that fans always know that they are getting the most up to date information.


Finally, the listing at Sports Illustrated should also be taken into account because it does simplify the entire process just a bit. The site lists only the Associated Press rankings, which many people consider to be the most important list of all. Some news outlets report everything according to the Associate Press rankings, so some football fans may prefer this easier way to look at it. This site also gives the last time it was updated, and fans can choose to look at other lists on their own instead of side by side like the other two sites. Other lists of NCAA top 25 that are offered on Sports Illustrated include the Coaches Top 25, the Comparison Poll, The BCS standings, and the Harris Poll.

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