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Notebook Memory Upgrade - How to Perform a Notebook Memory Upgrade

ram system information card

With each passing year, computer applications and even operating systems are being designed to require faster processors and more memory. This can mean older notebooks will begin to function more slowly as you upgrade the software on it. Many people believe when their notebook begins to perform more slowly that it is time to replace it, but you can get several more years of good use by simply performing a notebook memory upgrade.

A notebook memory upgrade has several benefits, not the least of which is saving your from buying a whole new system. Some of the benefits of a notebook memory upgrade include the following:

  • Improved multitasking – Each program you have open on your notebook uses up some of the available RAM. If all of the RAM is used, the system is forced to use virtual memory from the hard drive, which is much, much slower than RAM.
  • Faster Internet Surfing – While more RAM will not speed up your internet connection, it will help with the operation of the browser and any plug-ins that the websites you are visiting use.
  • Smoother System Performance – Today’s operating systems, such as Windows Vista and Windows 7, require high amounts of system RAM to operate at performance levels, and this is before any other applications are started.
  • Gaming and Multimedia – Any types of applications that rely heavily on graphics, you will need sufficient RAM for it to operate without a system slowdown.

If you decide to do a notebook memory upgrade, the first thing you need to look at is the amount and type of memory already in your notebook and the maximum amount it supports. Finding the amount of RAM in your system is very simple. If you are using Windows, simply right-click on your Computer or My Computer icon and choose properties. The amount of RAM will be among the information displayed.

Discovering they type of RAM your notebook supports will prove a little more difficult. There are three ways to go about finding this information. You can read the user manual and printed specification sheet on your notebook, you can open the memory panel on the bottom and read what is printed on the actual memory module, or you can use a system information program that displays detailed information about the type and speed of your RAM modules.

You will also need to determine how many memory slots your notebook has. This will determine if you can simply buy a new memory card and add it, or if you have to replace the card or cards already installed.

Once you have all the information, or in order to obtain the information, you will have to open the memory compartment on the bottom of your notebook. Before you do this, make sure your notebook is unplugged and the battery has been removed. For most notebooks, the memory compartment will be about a 4:3 ratio rectangle, almost a square. It is usually held in place by a single phillips screw.

The memory already installed may be held in place by a spring and lockdown bar. Some systems may have a spring-loaded lockdown that requires you only press down on the memory to unlock it. If your notebook has dual slots they may either be side-to-side or back-to-back. If your slots are already full, remove the card with the lowest capacity and insert the new card in its place. The RAM stick, as the memory card is sometimes called, will be slotted in such a way as to only fit in with the correct side up. If you try to insert it backwards, it will not fit.

After you have completed the notebook memory upgrade by locking the new memory card into place and securing the compartment cover, you can reinsert the battery or plug the notebook in. Turn on the notebook and your operating system should automatically detect the memory. Take a look at your computer information to make sure it is being recognized.

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