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Small Coffee Makers - The Benefits of Small Coffee Makers

single cup mug styles

Bigger is not always better. Such is the case with drip coffee makers. In many households coffee is not an overwhelming requirement each morning or throughout the day. Of course, some households go through 36 cups of coffee every single day, but many households only use two. If you only have time for a single cup each morning and you are the only coffee drinker in the house, or if you share a cup with your spouse before you both begin your day, there is really no reason for a gigantic commercial coffee-brewing system. Small coffee makers are more than adequate.

One of the most popular styles of small coffee makers is the single-serve brewer or the personal coffee maker. These coffee makers have a small form factor so they don’t take up very much counter space. If your counter is already cluttered with a toaster, a blender, a can opener, and any number of other small appliances, there is no need to reduce your counter space even further with a large coffee maker that you will never use. Even if you have occasions where you serve coffee to a number of guests, you can have a large coffee maker for those times that you keep stored in a cupboard or cabinet.

Another benefit of small coffee makers is that they are easy to travel with. For some people, a coffee maker can be just as important an appliance to travel with as a hair dryer, a curling iron, or a Waterpik. Small coffee makers can easily be packed into a bag so you are assured of having a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning anywhere where there is water and electricity.

Small coffee makers come in several different styles, but the two most popular styles are the single-serve drip coffee maker and the pod coffee maker. Neither of these types of coffee makers come with a carafe, so there is never any worries about breaking those terribly thin, but all-so-important pieces of the coffee maker. Instead they come with a mug, sometimes a nice stainless steel thermal one, or with nothing at all. You have the option of using the included mug or any other mug that will fit under the dripper.

Small coffee makers of the single-serve drip variety work exactly like their larger cousins, except they hold less water and they have space for only a single mug instead of a carafe. These coffee makers usually have a reusable filter instead of requiring tiny disposable filters. Some styles come with a warming plate you can rest your mug on to keep the cup warm should you not be able to get to it immediately.

Pod coffee makers are unique in that they do not require you to measure your coffee, nor do they require a standard filtering system. The coffee it uses comes in specially-designed plastic pods, which are inserted into the machine and locked into place. The coffee maker punctures the pod and introduces a stream of hot water into it to brew the perfect cup of coffee each time. The coffee for this type of machine is more expensive than standard bulk coffee, but it is much more convenient to use and it always stays fresh right up to the time you use it. There is also no universal style of coffee pod. You must always take care that you are buying pods that are compatible with your machine.

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