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Visco Mattress Topper - Benefits of a Visco Mattress Topper

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With over 30 million people in America suffering from sleep disorders, it is no wonder that so many are looking for ways to provide a more comfortable sleep. It is estimated that over 20% of people in the U.S. get less than six hours of sleep, and experts are attributing this fact to lost productivity, mood swings, and a number of other problems that range from personal to social. One method of achieving a comfortable night’s sleep that has become very popular is using a visco-foam mattress. It has been found, however, that a full mattress is not necessary to reap the rewards of this unique material. There are several benefits to using only a visco mattress topper.

Visco is a shortened form of visco-elastic polyurethane foam. Most people today know it as memory foam. It was first invented in 1966 by a NASA research center to be used to improve the health of astronauts in high-gravity take-off and landing situations by relieving pressure from vital pressure points. It was used in bedding and seats in space flights before it was released to the public in and picked up by the medical industry. A visco mattress topper would be used in hospital beds for patients that were immobile. As competition by new memory foam manufacturers increased, the price went down to where it could be afforded by the general public.

A visco mattress topper is unlike a regular foam or cushioned mattress topper. Visco foam is sensitive to the weight, form, and temperature of the human body. It shapes itself around the body, providing a snug fit that equalizes the pressure on various parts of the body. This property can give you the sensation of floating, and it provides several health benefits.

The first benefit of a visco mattress topper is the price. Memory foam can be expensive. Many people cannot afford an entire mattress made of visco-elastic. A visco mattress topper can provide all of the same health benefits when used in conjunction with your existing mattress at a fraction of the cost.

A visco mattress topper affords you a more comfortable sleep by relieving the pressure from the heaviest parts of your body. This is especially important is helping to relieve both joint and muscle pain. Many people who suffer from arthritis or other painful maladies state that they can finally get a full night of sleep by using a visco mattress topper. Not only is the pressure relieved from the parts of your body most susceptible to pain, but it prevents you from having to toss and turn, frequently adjusting your position during the night. This tossing and turning works to increase the strain your body experiences as you sleep.

A visco foam topper is usually made of 5 lb/in density memory foam. The density is important because if it is not dense enough, it will provide zero support, and if it is too dense, it will just harden providing no “give.” Toppers are made in three different thicknesses: 2, 3, and 4 inches. A two-inch visco mattress topper is recommended for children, light people, and those who are only looking for a slight improvement in the softness of their existing mattress. The three-inch topper is the most popular type and provides the most comfort for the highest range of people. It is perfect for use on a regular mattress. 4-inch toppers are best for people who weigh 250 lbs or more, those who need additional support due to medical problems, and for use on hard non-mattress surfaces.

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