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Hotels With Pools - Why You Should Always Choose Hotels with Pools

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No matter where you exact destination may be, when you travel, there is no reason not to stay in hotels with pools. Wherever you go, there will most certainly be hotels with pools in the area you intend to stay. Of course, this gets a little more difficult in the winter, but many hotel chains have indoor heated pools available for their guests instead of only outdoor seasonal pools. The reason for staying in hotels with pools is that swimming has a great many health benefits that can counter the ill-effects associated with travelling.

Travelling and having to stay outside of your comfortable home can put a strain both on your body and your mind that can culminate in a number of medical problems, including lowered immune system, susceptibility to colds, stress, anxiety, and overeating. Simply taking a swim in hotels with pools every morning or every evening can help you to maintain your health until you get back home.

While exercise in general has been found to solve many physical and mental health problems, swimming has been found to be more effective than other forms of exercise, and if you have children, hotels with pools have the added benefit of providing a much-needed form of recreation so your children don’t go crazy in the room with all of their pent-up energy.

The Benefits of swimming at hotels with pools are as follows:

  • Cardiovascular Health – Swimming is an aerobic exercise that is extremely beneficial to your cardiovascular system. Swimming has been shown to reduce blood pressure, reduce your resting heart rate, and increase the efficiency of your heart and lungs. The more efficient your body is at transferring oxygen from your lungs and circulating it through your body, the healthier you will be.
  • Muscular Health – Swimming requires the use many more muscles than most land-based exercises. Your muscles must coordinate and operate together in a medium that provides more resistance than just air. Swimming is like going through a weightlifting workout regimen for your entire body.
  • Joint Health – Swimming is a great way to loosen up your tendons and ligaments, reducing the pressure and increasing the viscosity of your joints. It also makes you more flexible and therefore less susceptible to accidental strains and sprains.
  • Low-Impact – When you stay in hotels with pools, you give yourself the option for a low-impact workout, instead of the high-impact workout of running on the treadmill in the fitness center. The water cushions your movements and helps to reduce pain in the parts of your body that come into contact with the ground.
  • Weight Loss – One hour of swimming can burn over 520 calories. That is a full meal completely eliminated from your body that doesn’t have a chance to convert to fat. This is especially important on the road due to a tendency for people to overeating when they are away from home and a tendency to get less exercise.
  • Reduce Stress – Because swimming improves cardiovascular health and the efficiency of your cardiopulmonary system, it helps your blood flow more freely and bring the maximum amount of oxygen to your body’s cells. This has the effect of relieving mental tension and anxiety. It can also help you to get a good night’s sleep in an unfamiliar bed.
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