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Health Insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield - Health Insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield

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Blue Cross Shield health insurance, more formally known as Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) is responsible for insuring more Americans than any other group, but to be fair, it is not a single company. Health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield is actually issued by one of 39 separate and distinct health insurance companies that usually operate on a state-wide or multi-state basis. It is difficult to discern individual health plans because each company in the network has slightly different offerings.

Blue Cross Shield health insurance association first came about due to a merger of two separate companies: Blue Cross and Blue Shield that took place in 1982. Blue Cross developed out of another company that began in 1929 in Dallas, Texas out of Baylor University. It offered hospital care to teachers and other employee groups at a rate of 21 days for $6 annual premiums. The Blue Cross Association then became nationally recognized as a leading insurance program for hospital stays.

Blue Shield was first organized in 1939 in the Pacific Northwest to provide medical care to lumberjacks and miners for a monthly fee. As the company grew in popularity, it became known as the National Association of Blue Shield Plans, and it focused on providing doctor care, as opposed to hospital stays.

The 1982 merger between the two companies was a marriage made in heaven. Together, they could provide both hospital stays and regular physician care to their policyholders. Blue Cross Blue Shield operates as a franchise company, offering other insurance companies to use their name by paying fees and adhering to strict company standards. The company began strictly as a non-profit organization, but after 1994, it allowed franchises to operate on a for-profit basis if they so chose.

Today, people from every state in the country have an option for Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance. Each company has an assigned territory in which they are licensed to operate. They also provide a nationwide plan for federal government employees, and many states use them for their state employee health insurance plans. Blue Cross Blue shield also administrate Medicare in many regions of the United States.

The largest of the health insurance of Blue Cross Blue Shield companies is WellPoint. WellPoint health insurance operates under the name Anthem and Empire, controlling Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance in a 14-state region that includes California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plans are available for individuals and families. They offer options from preventative and emergency care. They are both affordable and flexible. Most cover preventative care 100 percent when using in-network providers. Many also have Health Savings Account options to pay for your required expenses with tax-protected dollars. The unused money each year rolls over, so your account can continue to grow. Other accounts use the traditional health care insurance system with an annual deductible, an out-of-pocket limit, and copayments for most services.

In many states you can get free quotes for health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield online directly through the company or through an independent insurance agent that brokers policies for several different companies. By using an online broker you will often be able to compare rates and plans from several other available insurance companies to see how they compare to the Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance.

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