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Kaiser Northern California - Health Insurance from Kaiser Northern California

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Kaiser Northern California is one of the eight regional authorities that sell and administer Kaiser Permanente health insurance. Kaiser Permanente is one of the most popular health insurance companies in the state of California and Kaiser Northern California has the advantage of being in the company’s home region, with the headquarters located in Oakland.

Kaiser Permanente was founded in the 1930s to serve employees of steel mills run by Kaiser Industrial. During World War II, the company stayed in business by offering plans to workers in the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond where the massive war effort brought in over 90,000 new workers. After the war, in late 1945, with shipyard construction winding down, Kaiser opened their doors and began to allow public enrollment. In only 10 years, enrollment in the Kaiser Northern California plan grew to over 300,000 members with large support from the Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union and the Retail Clerks Union.

Today, as a whole, Kaiser Permanente has over 8.6 million members in ten states. They have over 167,000 employees and over 14,000 networked physicians that work in 35 hospitals and 431 medical offices. The non-profit company has operating revenues exceeding $34 billion since 2006.

Kaiser Northern California, like all of the regional Kaiser Permanente groups is up of two separate types of organizations. The first is the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan. This part of the business offers the Kaiser Northern California health insurance plans through employers and directly to individuals and families. The second part of the organization is the Permanent Medical Group. This part of the company consists of physician-owned medical associations which make up the healthcare network for policyholders. The health plan part of the business is non-profit, while the medical group part is for-profit.

Kaiser Northern California plans are known for their extensive benefits that cover office visits, specialist care, prescriptions, hospital in-patient care, outpatient procedures, emergency room visits, and ambulatory transportation and care.

They are also known for quickly adopting new technologies not only in the realm of treatment and diagnosis, but in patient record-keeping and administration. They have one of the few medical groups in the United States that have adopted computerized patient record-keeping. While other healthcare companies are still suffering from mistakes and errors due to pen and paper records, Kaiser Northern California members can be assured that any doctor in the network they visit will have their records at their fingertips in an easily-read digital format. This system also gives patients easy access to their own records through an online system that also allows them to efficiently communicate with their doctors.

Kaiser Northern California uses an HMO system of healthcare coverage that has been widely applauded and thought of as a model that can save the health care crises in the United States. Most of the plans offered are copayment plans without deductibles, but since these plans can have high monthly premiums, they have begun to offer a number of plans with deductibles so policyholders still have coverage if a medical emergency should strike. The most popular plan offered by the company is the $1,500 deductible plan. Most policyholders find that this plan offers the perfect balance of coverage at an affordable price.

Kaiser Northern California insurance offers very affordable individual plans, and in some instances the premiums are less than those offered by small businesses. Of course, like most health insurance companies, you will not be able to buy an individual policy if you are currently pregnant or suffer from a pre-existing medical condition.

Health insurance from Kaiser Northern California is available directly from the company and through independent insurance agents. You can get a direct quote by using Kaiser’s online quote system. You will be able to enter your location, gender, and age so accurate results are returned to you.

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