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Hamilton Beach Can Opener - Reviews of the Hamilton Beach Can Opener - Features, Positive Customer Reviews, Negative Customer Reviews

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The most popular Hamilton Beach can opener is the Smooth Touch Electric Can opener. It retails for about $30, and it is black and chrome, which really gives a sleek look to any kitchen. The styling of the can opener allows it to fit in well with just about any kind of kitchen décor. Here’s a closer look at the Hamilton Beach can opener so you can discover if it will work for you.


According to the manufacturer, the Hamilton Beach can opener is able to open cans of any size, including the ones that have a pop top. It uses a system that cuts off to the side, which leaves a very smooth edge, unlike the jagged edge so many other can openers leave. The lever is very large and has an ergonomic design so that anyone can use it very easily. It comes with a one-year warranty, and it stands about nine inches tall.

Positive Customer Reviews

In general, the Hamilton Beach can opener receives glowing reviews. Customers who own this product say that it does actually leave very smooth edges so they are able to avoid being cut after they open a can. Customers also appreciate how little pressure it requires to put the can into the appliance. Customers also say that most can openers actually touch the food as they open the can, but the Hamilton Beach can opener does not. No gunky food is left on the blade, which ends up being much more sanitary than other kinds of can openers.

Customers also say that the Hamilton Beach can opener is very similar to the Krups Open Master, which is no longer made. People who owned the Krups model say that it was the best can opener they ever owned, and they are happy to discover the Hamilton Beach model because it works the same way and avoids having the blade touch the food. Customers say they do not know why all can openers do not operate in the same way.

Additionally, people who own the Hamilton Beach can opener say that it is extremely quiet and very easy to use. Also most can openers cannot open cans that have a pull tab on the top of them because the pull tab typically gets in the way of the blade. However, the Hamilton Beach model can cut right through it if you are not wanting to use the pop top.

Negative Customer Reviews

As with any product, people who own this can opener do have a few bad things to say about it. First, customers say that they purchased the can opener because it is advertised as being completely hands free, but it is not the case. The can opener does require you to hold the lever down while operating the opener. Also it does not shut off automatically after the can is open, so it does require some operation from human hands. Additionally, one customer reported that the can opener broke right after the one-year warranty ran out.

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