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Weathershield Car Cover - Shopping for a Weathershield Car Cover - Tips for Buying a Weathershield Cover, Features of a Weathershield Car Cover

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A Weathershield car cover is a great way to protect your car from the elements, especially if you do not have a garage to put your vehicle in. A Weathershield car cover works well to protect the car against dents and even natural hazards that tend to destroy the finish on cars. The maker of the Weathershield car cover even claims that it works as a theft deterrent because thieves do not want to take the extra time to get into a vehicle that has a cover on it.

Tips for Buying a Weathershield Cover

There are a few things that should be kept in mind as you shop for the perfect Weathershield car cover. First, buyers should remember to take into account where they park their vehicle and how often they use it. If they use their vehicle all the time and cover it up every day, then they will want a lightweight outdoor car cover. Drivers who park on busy streets with a lot of traffic should probably get a heavyweight outdoor cover because of all the pollution that could be potentially damaging to the finish on the car.

The type of weather that is common in your area is also important. Drivers who live in a rainy area that always has a lot of moisture should look for one that has extra resistance to water. A Weathershield car cover for a driver in a sunny climate should have extra UV and phot degradation protection.

Features of a Weathershield Car Cover

A Weathershild car cover can include any of the qualities already mentioned, but drivers may also want to know what other features they can expect to find in all of the car covers from this manufacturer. They are all weatherproof, which basically means that the fabric protects the car from water. The covers also absorb only about two percent of the water that gets on them, so it dries out very quickly. Many other companies that offer woven and non-woven fabrics have a 40 percent absorption rate. The car covers are very breathable, which means they allow plenty of air to travel through and drive the cover or let heat get out. They are also UV resistant and dust proof, which basically means that they do not allow dust to get through them. They also do not scratch vehicles, and they provide excellent protection for the paint on any car.

A Weathershield car cover is also made to be out in the weather, which means that rain and all other types of weather will not cause the fabric to degrade. Many customers also appreciate the fact that these covers can be washed in the washer and dryer at home, so they do not need any extra treatment to get them clean. The covers are also very small when folded up, which makes them easy to tuck away in the truck when you are traveling.

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