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Rental Cars Hawaii - The Best Places for Rental Cars in Hawaii

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Taking a trip to Hawaii is always an adventure, and finding a place for a rental car in Hawaii is a big task. All of the big companies have set up shop in Hawaii because it is a popular tourism destination. Of course it does help to have some knowledge up front about the companies that offer rental cars in Hawaii. Here are some tips and tricks to getting the best deal on a Hawaii rental car.

Rent by the week instead of by the day and watch when you travel.

If at all possible, the best way to save money on rental cars in Hawaii is to rent by the week instead of the day. This is not necessarily the case in every car rental market, but travelers can really save a lot of money by getting a weekly rental. Also it is very important to take note of when you are traveling. Sometimes changing your plans by just a week can make a huge difference in the price of the rental cars in Hawaii. The good news about this fact is that it can also change how much you pay for a hotel. Typically the prices are highest from March to April and for part of December. June through August falls in the mid-priced range, and other parts of the year are much cheaper.

Shop around

As with anything, it is very important to shop around and check prices at several different Hawaii car rental companies. This is especially true in Hawaii because some companies may have different weeks that have higher rates. For example, one company has mid-priced rates from September through December, while another company has lower rates in September and October. Also the prices vary pretty widely depending on what kind of car rental you get. Of course economy cars are much less expensive than luxury cars, and a van costs about the same as a luxury car to rent.

Another thing to watch out for with car rentals in Hawaii is the extra little fees that are associated with each rental. It pays to ask up front about these fees, especially because some companies claim to offer lower fees for younger drivers. Also some companies do not require drivers to pay anything for their rental up front, which is a very nice perk. Drivers should ask about cancellation fees before they book anything because it is helpful to have a little bit of flexibility.

Since the competition for customers is very fierce in the Hawaii car rental market, it also pays to ask for a little something extra, like for the company to waive the spouse driver fee or to ask for unlimited mileage. Additionally, some companies offer corporate discounts that are only available to those who travel to Hawaii, so it is definitely worth a check to find out if your company has a deal with any particular car rental company.

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